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The Need For A New US Foreign Policy Towards North Korea

US-North Korean relations remain very tense, although the threat of a new Korean War has thankfully receded.  Still the US government remains determined to tighten economic sanctions on North Korea and continues to plan for a military strike aimed at destroying the country’s nuclear infrastructure.  2,000 more words

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has got full control over the Damascus-Palmyra road as well as liberated a large area in the southwestern countryisde of Palmyra from ISIS. 473 more words


Woodrow Wilson’s influence on US foreign policy will outlast Donald Trump

US President Woodrow Wilson justified the US’s 1917 entry into World War I with the famous words: “The world must be made safe for democracy.” That was exactly a century ago and marked the beginning of the… 986 more words

Trump is Pushing Iran into Russian Arms

The most important consequence of the Bush demolition of the Iraqi state has been the reemergence of Iran as the most influential power in southwest Asia. 1,924 more words

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The origins on the Manchester attack originate in the destruction of Libya by the UK, France & USA

CNN Analyst Says Manchester Attack Could Be “Right Wing False Flag”

Steve Watson — Propagandamatrix May 23, 2017

Less than 24 hours removed from the latest horrific ISIS inspired terrorist attack in the UK, a talking head on CNN programming has suggested that the bombing could actually be a ‘right wing false flag’ in order to ‘frame Islamists’. 275 more words


Trump/USA supports Saudi and in doing so supports ISIS

Saudi Arabia: Women beheaded in street, corpses dangling from cranes

Saudi Arabia violence: The reality of life in this country. Picture: ITV

A SHOCKING new documentary will reveal the horrors of daily life inside Saudi Arabia. 467 more words