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Nothing Would Have Prevented This

ISIS inspired shooting

A disaffected citizen. a random act with a stolen gun. We have been at war for nearly a decade and a half. We should really be counting ourselves fortunate we do not live like the Israeli’s or even the Europeans, much less the Russians, in terms of exposure to the religious zealots who have declared a jihad against all things Western. 551 more words


The Need for Reform: US Gun Laws

This article originally appeared in the University Observer, Volume XXII, Issue 2. 

As the United States reels from yet another school shooting, Patrick Kelleher looks at their relaxed gun laws, and questions how these tragedies can be prevented. 1,102 more words


ANOTHER SHOOTING IN THE US - a Never-Ending Tragedy

Now it’s in Oregon, the next massacre of innocents – young college students with their lives ahead of them, slaughtered by a crazy person with a gun. 91 more words


How many people have to die before America acts?

As I am sure will be the first point of argument for many Republicans in the coming days, it is true to say that no one knows for sure whether stricter gun control would have saved the lives of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. 324 more words


Elliot Rodger Made the Same Mistake Most People Make

America is no stranger to mass shootings. From cinemas to kindergartens, it seems would-be mass murderers spare no one in their rampage.

However, by far the most prolific venue for mass shootings is a college campus. 1,708 more words

Louie Jerome

Guns abroad, guns at home

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All week the radio stations hyped the event. Last night it happened: Roger Waters and his crew staged a magnificent performance of THE WALL. 319 more words

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