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Volkswagen's US CEO gets grilled by Congress

Volkswagen Group of America CEO Michael Horn was grilled by an inflamed US House subcommittee today (Oct. 8) over the emissions-cheating device that the company used to defraud the public and how the automaker plans to make it right. 320 more words

McCarthy abruptly withdraws candidacy for House speaker

WASHINGTON (AP) — With no warning, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy withdrew Thursday from the contest for speaker of the U.S. House, shocking fellow Republicans just before voting was to begin and plunging Congress’ GOP leadership into chaos. 263 more words


Should Republicans Dump the Tea Party?

The answer is yes, unquestionably.

Dump the Tea Party, and the Republican Party may survive; the faction that is the Tea Party will die.

As it is, the Republican Party is imploding. 407 more words

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DO THIS NOW - Call Your US Congressman

Call your congressman now, today, this afternoon, even if it’s after 5pm.  Tell them not to vote for Kevin McCarthy of Speaker of the House. 98 more words

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VICTORY! Planned Parenthood Lives, The Orange Boner Shrivels!

VICTORY! Senate Democrats, bolstered by our #WeWontGoBack Twitter-bomb yesterday, has prevented the GOP from ripping healthcare from MILLIONS of women, ruining the Republican Party’s “SHUT IT DOWN” hostage-taking of the US economy. 116 more words