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115th Congress Versus the EPA

The EPA is a popular boogieman. Treating it this way allows the federal employees in the U.S. Congress to pretend that ‘the feds’ in another agency are responsible for stifling business and enterprise. 1,367 more words

115th Congress

How to be president 101: Political Capital

Somewhere in the White House sits a giant sheet of posterboard with “CAMPAIGN PROMISES” scribbled across the top.  Each morning I imagine Donald Trump wakes up, looks at it like it’s the queen’s mirror from Snow White and thinks, “which of you suckers can I check off today? 1,130 more words


Dan West for Congress 2017

My name is Dan West, and I am a Missoula native and lifelong Montana Democrat. I am responding to President Obama’s call for young Democrats to run for office by pursuing the Democratic nomination in Montana’s upcoming House election. 826 more words

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Lee "Link" Neimark for Congress 2017

Name: Lee “Link” Neimark
Hometown: Whitefish, MT 15-year resident
I graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin with degrees in psychology and zoology. I obtained my master’s degree in oceanography at the University of Alaska and began my career as a biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. 766 more words

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Gary Stein for Congress 2017

My name is Gary Stein. I am a U.S. History and Psychology teacher at Missoula Sentinel High School. I have been a public servant as a certified teacher for 27 years. 666 more words

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John Meyer for Congress 2017

I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives because I want to protect the people, forests, water and wildlife in Montana.

I come from a blue collar family in northwest Indiana. 307 more words

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Kelly McCarthy for Congress 2017

Kelly McCarthy Announcement Seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for the US House seat in 2017

It’s with a great deal of excitement and humility that I announce my decision to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for Montana’s lone Congressional seat should Congressman Zinke clear the confirmation process for Secretary of the Interior.   469 more words

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