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The Five-Hundred-and-Thirty-Five Shareholders

Donald Trump doesn’t know how to share power.  His companies are private and he has never had to be accountable to other stakeholders.  He would be terrible at running a public company.  357 more words

US Presidency

The American Legion of Liars

Donald Trump got what he wanted. Thanks to a media that covers politics with the same objective analysis as the sports section during a playoff run, everyone across the country heard the narrative that the most important thing that happened in Washington this week was that the Republicans “got a win.” 608 more words


The Don't Care HealthCare Republiplan

The Republican DontCare No-HealthCare bill just passed in the House of Representatives, 217-213.

I have a list here of how every congressperson voted. Of course, you want to ATTACK every one of the bottom feeders who voted YES in support of this bill.  334 more words


Not Even Trying

The US House just passed what it calls AHCA – the Obamacare repeal legislation they have been waiting 8 years to pass.

There are many ways to criticize this bill, ranging from… 298 more words


The House to Vote on American Health Care Act

May 3, 2017 (San Diego) The Republican House leadership says that they have the votes to pass the repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and replace it with the American Health Care Act, dubbed Trumpcare. 366 more words