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US Marine Corps: From Citizen to Unthinking Trained Killer

Every year, the capitalist system of the United States ‘recruits’ ordinary young men and women into the US Marine Corps.  This is an elite front-line military unit (linked to the US Navy), the members of which are trained to be highly aggressive in the face of the enemy, because the US Government uses them as ‘shock troops’.   333 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

Honoring A Veteran / #Dad #fathers #therealdeal #socialresponsibility #TeamUSA #servantleadership

I want to honor my Dad who I last saw last on December 6, 2014. He passed at midnight in the Veterans Hospital of San Juan, Puerto Rico on December 31/ January 1, of 2014/5 at the age of eighty-four. 367 more words

A Letter from My Dead Father

My father’s death was not expected; he was only thirty-nine years old, healthy and vigorous when he went to work one day and did not come back.   1,727 more words

Personal Story

Stolen Valor

Former Marine steals dead combat veteran’s valor

Casey Owens will always be a hero to his sister.

“There is the saying that all gave some, but some gave all,” says Lezleigh Owens Kleibrink of Trophy Club. 410 more words

Veteran's Day

While growing up, I was always aware that my dad was a Marine.  He had joined the Corps immediately after graduating high school in 1962.  He did his training in California and Hawaii.   561 more words

Never Again

On Remembrance Day here in Canada, Veterans’ Day in the US, I came across this haunting photo from the Pacific theater in WWII. It inspired the few lines from me below: 36 more words

Norman Rockwell's "The War Hero": An Interpretation & Graphic Analysis

The War Hero (aka Homecoming Marine), by Norman Rockwell, 1945; this image was downloaded from the Internet, and is utilised here via the Fair Use Act. 564 more words