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Pound Store US Marines

A seaside gift shop was the source of 6 boxes of these figures at 50p a box. The flimsy boxes have a curious ‘military’ land mine or Lewis Gun magazine look to them. 380 more words

Pound Store Plastic Figures

Our freedom to write

I had a happy little blog post half written and then I made this mistake of trying to be “the cool wife” and sit down to watch football with The Hubs.   1,198 more words


Today's Word is Wompa-tu

This word comes from a true story that takes place during one of the toughest periods of the Korean war and proves that even in the… 113 more words

Don Shomette

The US Marines

And that is the truth, by the way for those who haven´t read me
or see me….you should see me (girls, blond or brunette and be a super model). 89 more words

My Thoughts

Being the Sister of a Recruit in the USMC Boot Camp

Spoiler alert: this post has nothing to do with being vegan.

So, basically, my brother is on his way to becoming a marine. Currently, he’s in his third week of boot camp. 639 more words

US Marine Arrested For Trying to Enter Okinawa Woman’s Apartment

A US Marine was arrested Tuesday on the Japanese island of Okinawa for attempting to illegally enter the home of a woman who lives near a United States military base. 235 more words

Princeton grad and US Marine MikeGallagher wins GOP primary for Wisconsin's 8th District [VIDEO]

Meet Mike Gallagher, the GOP Marine Running in Wisconsin’s 8th District
by Avner Zarmi
August 24, 2016

In the Eighth Congressional District, a three-way contest developed for the chance to replace the retiring Reid Ribble. 91 more words

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