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Two Navy Seals Suffered Injuries In Yemen Raid

Yemeni security officials and tribesmen say U.S. helicopters airlifted soldiers to the Arab country’s central Marib province where they clashed with suspected al Qaeda militants. 201 more words

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Trump proposes to convert US AID to Pakistan into Financial Loan

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  • The Trump administration has left it for the State Department to take a final call on the proposal.
  • The move is seen as part of the Trump administration’s efforts to cut foreign aid budgets.
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Air Force fighter jets scrambled after disturbance on American Airlines flight

A passenger reportedly tried to force his route into the cockpit of the Honolulu-bound flight from Los Angeles

The US military on Friday scrambled two Air force fighter jets to escort an American Airlines flight into Honolulu international airport after a disorder was reported on board, a Pacific Command spokesman said. 297 more words


Chinese jets intercept US radiation-sniffing plane in East China sea: WH

China denied US accusations that its jets conducted an unprofessional intercept of an American radiation-sniffing surveillance plane in the East China Sea and urged Washington to stop such activities. 219 more words

Chelsea Manning Released From Prison! But Legal Case Continues

Finally!  One of the world’s most celebrated political prisoners, Chelsea Manning, was freed on May 17 after having had the remainder of her sentence inexplicably commuted by US War Criminal and Assassin-In-Chief Barack Obama late last year.  579 more words

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Base World: The Pentagon’s Profligate and Prodigious Presence

W.J. Astore

As President Trump heads off on an overseas trip, trailing Washington scandals in his wake, it’s worth reminding ourselves of America’s prodigious global presence and the profligate expense at which it comes.  457 more words

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Human Hall OF Fame Inducts - Capt. Slade Cutter

Whenever I add a member from the extremely coveted Badass of the Week by wordsmith Ben Thompson, which will be a rarity because this is a different selection of monumental icons, not just ball shattering badasses, I need to give a bow in appreciation at the gloriousness that Thompson writes on a weekly/monthly basis. 980 more words