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How to work with the Kurds—and Turkey—in Syria

Michael O’Hanlon provides an interesting analysis on how the United States could potentially leverage their relationship with both Turkey and the Kurds to most effectively achieve a political solution in Syria. 18 more words

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I’ve never attended the annual protest at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington DC, and I was ambivalent about attending this year.

AIPAC is the notoriously strong Israeli lobby that successfully (from its perspective) bamboozles our members of Congress into towing Israel’s objectives, even when they arguably may not be in the US interest to do so.   220 more words


Analysis: ‘The West Helped the Assad Regime and Its Allies Take Palmyra’

Kyle Orton provides an analysis of the United States’ recent support to the Syrian regime in their efforts to take back Palmyra from the Islamic State. 8 more words

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Eying Raqqa: A Tale of Four Tribes

Andrew Tabler provides an in-depth report analyzing the influence of specific Arab tribes around Raqqa and how they will be integral to rebuilding society after Raqqa is liberated from the Islamic State. 45 more words

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Iraqi prime minister: My country needs more help from the U.S.

Haider al-Abadi, the current Prime Minister of Iraq, asks for the help of the United States in rebuilding Iraq’s destroyed economy and infrastructure after the fall of ISIS. 16 more words

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Will the United States Be a Victim of Its Own Success in Syria?

Nicolas Heras provides a thoughtful analysis on Trump’s policy stance towards the Syrian conflict and how strategic issues in the long-run will arise from the near-term tactical gains that the U.S. 11 more words

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Trump Can’t Deal With Iran If He Doesn’t Understand It

By Ali Vaez

It took only 12 days in office for U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration to put Iran “on notice” that the era of compromise had been replaced by an era of confrontation. 1,860 more words

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