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Middle East Strategy Task Force

Stephen Grand and Jessica Ashooh of the Atlantic Council provide an extensive report on the policy options that the U.S. must pursue in the Middle East. 8 more words


Is Trump betraying his base?

Many Trump voters hope their man in the White House will be a brave outsider who will shake things up in Washington and improve their economic and job situations. 678 more words

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Politics is not Everything

Many people who are left of center are freaking out since the election of Donald Trump, claiming the wildest of motives and evil outcomes because of the President elect. 653 more words


Turkey's Wars and US Policy

By Stephen Bryen and Shoshana Bryen

The article below was originally published in American Thinker. Since its publication the Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, in a visit to Turkey invited the Turks to send their military to fight in Mosul in Iraq.   2,180 more words



Voices like Charles Lister’s call for the US to do something in Syria, but the realities on the ground make their plans nearly impossible to implement. 7 more words

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Constructively Ambiguous

Aaron Lund weighs the evidence as to whether Clinton would be a hawk or dove on Syria. Read it at Syria in Crisis.

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Clausewitz in Syria

The Assad regime needs to continue the war to avoid paying the steep cost of reconstruction…will other powers step up when the time comes? Read the analysis here!