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Massacre equity management

(To be published in Arabic for Arabi21)

Comparisons are being made between what Assad and his Russian-backers are doing in Aleppo, and the worst crimes of the Bosnian war.   528 more words

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"Is That Clean?" and Other Adventures

It’s been six months since I made the transition from my father’s daughter to his roommate.

Well, I’m actually somewhere in the middle. Not quite daughter enough to get the clean version of the joke his buddy told him, but totally daughter enough to do his laundry. 819 more words


التدمير = الانتصار.. هذا عند الولايات المتحدة                           For the US, destruction = victory

من فييتنام إلى العراق هناك انطباع شهير بأن التدخلات العسكرية الأمريكية باءت بالفشل، فهم يحولون البلاد إلى أسوأ بكثير مما كانت عليه قبل التدخل، ولا  يؤسسون ديمقراطيات، بل إنهم يذرون البلاد خرابًا، وينشئون التطرف ولتشدد، فيتم قتل الآلاف وجرح مئات الآلاف وتمدير البنيات التحتية.

US Foreign Policy

طموح الخائنين --- The ambition of traitors

هناك جزء مفهوم وراء أي مساعدات عسكرية أمريكية وهو أن أي عقد يتم إبرامه مع أي حكومة أجنبية ستشتري أو تُمنح أسلحة أميركية أنها يجب أن تلتزم  …

US Foreign Policy

Palestine and Criticism

As a student of Middle East politics, I’ve come to appreciate the broad spectrum of ‘activists’ engaged in the struggle to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine. 1,312 more words


Philanthropists are Enabling and Influencing the Future of Astronomy

Billionaires and their foundations are both enabling and shaping scientific endeavors in the 21st century, raising questions that we as a society need to consider more seriously. 702 more words

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Syria: Peace in our time?

In two meetings held in Vienna over the past two weeks representatives from a group of 20 states and international organisations (the “International Syria Support Group”), have drawn up a plan which purports to offer the possibility of a negotiated solution to the Syrian conflict. 2,595 more words