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Elections matter - own it!

The Palestinians are struggling to hold local municipal elections which appear to be delayed (derailed?) once again. The Washington Post had an excellent analysis yesterday of the situation. 679 more words


Puny, real puny

Refusing to help people in desperate need around the world because you fear some of them (or some who happen to look like them) will hurt you isn’t exactly what I would call a “great” America, but rather a “puny” America. 22 more words

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The path not chosen after 9/11

This message popped up on my Facebook feed this morning, the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

This is a fight between good and evil….which side do you think Hillary is on?

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Obama Goes to Hangzhou

China Change, September 1, 2016

Human rights cannot be treated as a stand-alone issue anymore.

President Obama is going to China again, this time to attend the G-20 summit on September 4 and 5 in Hangzhou. 829 more words


Impotent American Policy and the rise of ISIS. The Conclusion. (4/4)

This blog series has addressed US policy in the 21st century and how it has related to the rise of ISIS. However, during the 20th century, US policy makers have launched several key invasions and instigated regime changes in the Middle Eastern which spread anti-American sentiment and instability. 1,271 more words

Global Trends

(To be published in Arabic for Arabi21)

Every presidential election year, an organization called the National Intelligence Council publishes a report called “Global Trends” which outlines what the world may look like in the next 20 years.  719 more words


Campaign promises and proclamations I hope President Hillary Clinton will fulfill

I know, it’s probably premature to talk about what President (Hillary) Clinton could or should do. Poll aggregates currently estimate about an 88% chance of her winning the election, but you don’t need to be a political scientist to know that that’s far from guaranteed. 1,309 more words

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