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Mitch Landrieu on Acknowledging History

Last Friday, May 19, the mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, gave a speech commemorating the removal of statues of Confederate Civil War leaders from prominent City sites. 967 more words

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Migra Watch

This is a personal post. Yesterday, I, Eva, participated in the first post-election event that made me feel potentially useful — beyond marching, phoning, or attending a meeting. 429 more words

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Syria: A Journey into the Unknown

Experts Sam Heller and Michael Hanna explain the uncertain future for U.S. policy towards the Syrian civil war following the recent missile strikes on Shayrat airbase ordered by President Trump. 9 more words

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Syrians Are Wise Not to Count on ‘Abu Ivanka’

Michael Weiss explains that Trump’s recent strikes on the Syria regime’s Shayrat airbase does not signal a broader shift in strategy towards the Syrian conflict. Because of this, he asserts that Syria’s moderate opposition should not get their hopes up. 7 more words

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So Trump Attacked Assad. What Now?

Charles Listers explains that the US’ increased leverage in Syria as a result of recent strikes on Syrian targets must be put to good use to embolden the moderate Syrian opposition. 7 more words

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Trump is doing what Obama failed to – punishing Assad for using chemical weapons in Syria

Kyle Orton asserts that Trump’s decision to launch cruise missiles at the Regime’s Shayrat airbase has increased the United States’ leverage in the Syrian civil war and sent a clear message to Russia that its complicity in civilian atrocities will no longer be tolerated. 6 more words

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