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How bad is the health care bill's failure for Trump, GOP?

How problematic, and why, it is for President Donald Trump and the GOP that the healthcare bill had to be withdrawn? Read few comments. 1,000 more words


What does Merkel want from Trump?

With a bit of exaggeration, but is the upcoming meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Trump a meeting of the leader of liberal world order with the leader of illiberal world order? 1,056 more words


How To "Frank Underwood" Your Life - Without Killing Anybody...

For most of those who have a Netflix subscription, Frank Underwood needs no introduction. But for those who don’t, then I guess he kinda does. House of Cards is a Netflix Original show which chronicles the meteoric rise of one Frank Underwood – from House Majority Whip to the President of the United States of America, with barely a vote cast in his favour. 567 more words

Trump tried to sound presidential

President Donald Trump’s just delivered  speech to joint session of Congress. Read few comments by experts how do they assess his speech. 582 more words


National Security Advisor: McMaster is a superb choice but he is walking into a difficult situation

As Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster is as a new national security advisor what do you expect from him to bring to the White House, what is needed in the current situation to bring to the role of national security advisor? 400 more words


Trump needs new National Security Advisor. But what is he looking for?

After National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned there is no doubt that the President Donald Trump’s administration is surrounded by various accusation about what might be an inappropriate contacts with Russia. 509 more words