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A new report in the Jewish News Syndicate and Haaretz claims that the Democratic National Committee, a longtime partner of the Women’s March, has pulled their sponsorship of this year’s event.

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PHOTO: Getty Images Article by Bryan Howard January 15, 2019 The Trump administration is attempting to add in a citizenship question on the 2020 census. The left is freaking out over this potential question due to it would devalue the far left States in Federal elections.

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Dems frolicking in the Puerto Rican sun while shutdown shows no end - everyone's suffering.

The US government shutdown is now the longest in history. Politics aside, the people really hurting from this, no matter what anyone’s personal views are on whether or not the wall is useful, are the thousands of unpaid federal workers. 259 more words

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A Non-American's Guide to Impeachment

If you follow American politics, you’ve probably heard the term ‘impeachment’ thrown around by many. And most recently, another call came from Rashida Tlaib, a progressive Democrat representing Wayne County in Michigan, when at a victory celebration declared she would go to Washington and ‘impeach the motherfucker’ (the motherfucker referring to Trump of course). 1,250 more words

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Who’s on vacation?

The federal government is still partially shut down due to a disagreement over border wall funding. President Trump is at the snowy White House waiting and willing to negotiate. 201 more words

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Trump, the Wall, and Ruling by Emergency Decree

W.J. Astore

In the Weimar Republic of Germany during the early 1930s, the President of that time, Paul von Hindenburg, ruled increasingly by emergency decree due to a hopelessly divided and ineffectual Reichstag (parliament or congress).  268 more words

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The US federal government shutdown: what's going on and when will it end?

Observing American politics never ceases to be interesting. The new Congress has taken its seat, but it has not been an easy start: the United States federal government is shut down. 713 more words

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