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Joe Biden confuses New Hampshire & Vermont at a campaign event

Former US Vice President Joe Biden (Democrat) suffered his latest embarrassing gaffe while speaking to reporters in New Hampshire yesterday. He praised the beauty of the neighbouring state Vermont after reporters asked for his thoughts on New Hampshire. 73 more words


It Was An Overthrow By The Brits

It was an overthrow run by the Brits.

Please correct all those fake news channels calling it a “soft coup.” It was a hard coup. 629 more words


Crazy Like a Fox

I keep yelling at the television screen because although everyone is posing the key questions and speculating upon answers, no one seems seems to be seeing the forest for the trees.  442 more words


New Interview: Why did Dan Coats request NSA surveillance program extension on his last day as DNI?

Some background information – because it gets a bit muddled to me as well… I prefer bullet points for this kid of stuff, but let me know if you prefer another method of explanation! 684 more words


Seth Moulton Ends His Campaign for President

Seth Moulton announced today that he will be ending his campaign for President. Moulton did not qualify for either of the June or July debates and has not been registering in national polls. 66 more words


Jewish Loyalty to Israel

Pres. Trump is right, Jews who vote Democratic are in effect disloyal to Israel. There is no doubt that the bipartisan support that was the cornerstone of prior American support for Israel has been eroded.  312 more words

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