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'I just woke up': Email shows 'Old Snorebox' Hillary Clinton slept through president's daily brief on Benghazi

As Twitchy reported yesterday, the Washington Examiner’s Byron York noted something fundamental missing from the first batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails that were dumped on the public, and that something was any expression of concern over the situation in Libya.  436 more words

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Hillary Clinton praises Ireland's gay marriage vote, is reminded of her own 'evolution'

Someone named “H” gave Ireland a thumbs-up today for its historic vote to legalize same-sex marriage. We’re guessing that means that Hillary Clinton composed the tweet personally, and despite its brevity, the tweet garnered more than 3,700 favorites in the first 30 minutes it was online. 264 more words

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Democrats acknowledge that Memorial Day is about more than President Obama eating ice cream

@TheDemocrats Holy shit this country is in trouble… Enjoy your BBQ, assholes.

— KaliniuS (@KaliniuS) May 23, 2015

As Twitchy reported this morning, the Democrats yesterday managed to surprise a large portion of Twitter even by doing the exact same thing they always do: commemorate every solemn holiday, notable death and historic event by posting a photo of the Narcissist-in-Chief.

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'Where's the confetti?' Media squee-gasm in presence of Hillary Clinton is embarrassing [video]

No wonder Hillary's doing so well. https://t.co/nzDxEkSRDY

— Connor Mighell (@connor_mighell) May 23, 2015

The press isn’t granted much access to Hillary Clinton, but many of them still don’t seem very jaded.

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'Miscarriage of justice’: Rep. Marcia Fudge blasts #BreloVerdict

@RepMarciaFudge the judge set a murderer free…will you use your political power to remove him?..If you do not you are part of the problem

— fightfan (@xRobertTheBruce) …

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Protesters gather outside home of county prosecutor McGinty following #BreloVerdict [photos]

After the not guilty verdict was announced following the trial of Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo, some protesters set their focus on Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty by marching to his home. 220 more words

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DeRay wonders if protest 'in the tradition of the Founding Fathers' is in order after #BreloVerdict

Today a judge in Cleveland found officer Michael Brelo not guilty on two charges of voluntary manslaughter for his part in the 2012 shooting deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell. 404 more words

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