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Discuss! Iowahawk has a theory about 'the only reason Hillary's running'

This might explain why Team Clinton needs to keep the Scooby van tuned up so it can maintain those high speeds and elusive maneuverability:

Starting to think the only reason Hillary's running is to avoid indictment.

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Talk about 'anti-science'! Chipotle's 'GMO-free' crusade is refried B.S.

Chipotle’s super proud of themselves, you guys. Because they are officially “G-M-Over It”:

We always source the very best ingredients, in our food and in our people: …

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'Scary stuff’: Baltimore police warn of 'credible threat' from gangs to 'take out' officers

It looks like Baltimore’s mayor might need to expand that “safe space” designated for destruction:

Please see the attached credible threat to law enforcement: …

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Republican Wins Award For Believing In Climate Change | ThinkProgress

via Republican Wins Award For Believing In Climate Change | ThinkProgress.


Bob Inglis’ efforts as a Republican pursuing meaningful action on climate change have always been noteworthy, but now they’re award worthy.

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'Comrade de Blasio got his feelings hurt!' NYC mayor advised to 'man up' after whining about being disrespected

Get out the tiny violins for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio:

Bill de Blasio says New Yorkers are too mean to him at baseball games…

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'Why would he'? David Limbaugh dismantles Dem complaint about 'Clinton Cash' author

A new Peter Schweizer book titled “Clinton Cash” details how, when Hillary Clinton the secretary of state, Clinton Foundation donors received favorable treatment. Schweizer apparently didn’t give any Democrats a heads-up, which for comes as a surprise to some: 236 more words

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