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Zak Hasanin was walking along a downtown sidewalk Thursday afternoon when he said, “Did you hear that? ‘America Was Never Great’?” He was quoting a slogan shouted by left-wing protesters near the Republican National Convention here. 271 more words


Treading Lightly

Perhaps, if Donald Trump called Canadians “rapists,” we’d say something.

As it is, Trump has merely attacked two bedrock international institutions that anchor Canada’s place in the world: NATO and NAFTA. 141 more words


Trump’s eccentric showmanship may win him this election

Donald Trump is many things, a successful American businessman, an author, a prime time reality television show host and now the Republican Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election. 396 more words

"Here at our convention there will be no lies. We will honor the American People with the Truth"

Immediately after Donald Trump spoke those words at the Republican national convention last night, the massive crowd erupted into chants of “USA…USA…USA!” 1,124 more words


Trump, Godwin's Law and Hitler

**A long read**

I can see that some other people have come to similar conclusions this week. So yes I’m jumping on a bandwagon, but I need to add my voice to the dialogue. 1,786 more words

Public Issues

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