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Main-Stream Media likes to bash President Trump, on everything, even the color of his tie. He is NOT the most “politically correct” person around…but he’s not a Traitor like Clinton and Obama.

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos unveiled the long-awaited overhaul to the guidance for how schools handle complaints of sexual misconduct, adding more protections for those who have been accused of assault and harassment.

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US Politics

Sarah Sanders announced that the White House will restore CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s hard press pass following a federal judge’s ruling on Friday that asserted that Acosta’s Fifth Amendment right to due process was violated when the White House pulled the pass.

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Democrats have really stepped in it now, because for the next Supreme Court Justice that President Trump nominates, it won’t be the grandfatherly Sen. Chuck Grassley chairing the committee when the witch hunt begins; it’s going to be fire and brimstone Lindsey “I don’t give a s***” Graham.

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Trump and the Media

He’s everywhere.  Trump as Agent Smith in “The Matrix” movies

W.J. Astore

Donald Trump is exploiting a weakness in our media — its quest for eyeballs at any cost. 395 more words

US Politics

A Blue Wave or a Close Shave? - By  Yvonne Sam

A Blue Wave or a Close Shave?

By  Yvonne Sam

If elections decide who America is as a country, then sadly she will always be at war with herself. 711 more words


God Help Us - Together

On today’s episode of God Help Us, I talk with Derek McNeil about systems theory, the idea that from our families to our workplaces to our global communities, we are shaped and influenced by the systems in which we live and work and play. 182 more words