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Trump's Chumps

Among the many offenses that modern architecture has committed against Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washington—America’s main street, we like to call it—is a glass ‘n’ stone ‘n’ steel box that houses a museum about news gathering called, unfortunately, the Newseum. 375 more words



Jimmy Carter is the current title holder, but Obama is poised to displace him

Like an episode of “Survivor,” pitting one generation against another, former President Jimmy Carter is vying to retain the title of our worst and most pestiferous former president against the coming challenge by President Obama.

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How The Democrats Can Fix Themselves. The Party Needs New Economic Thinking - Joseph Stiglitz. 

The party’s adherence to neoliberal orthodoxy has hurt its prospects.

Bill Clinton pushed through financial-market deregulation; lowered capital-gains taxes (which benefited the rich and led to a regressive tax system); pursued trade agreements that contributed to the further deindustrialization of America; pursued investment agreements that have paved the way for regulatory ‘takings’; pursued intellectual-property agreements that reflected the interests of big corporations and were not focused on the advancement of science or the well-being of ordinary citizens; reformed the welfare system in a way that arguably eviscerated it; and strengthened criminal-justice and police systems in a way that arguably contributed to mass incarceration. 87 more words

US Politics

PropOrNot, the Anti-Russian Propaganda Bill, and Why Some of Us Prefer Russian News to American

– 5 December 2016 –


In the aftermath of Trump’s election victory, the American Left is fighting bitterly to overturn, ruin, and disrupt the results. 889 more words


Boiling Point

It is not an unlimited thing when it comes to variety of expectations, there is always the so called threshold of failure or success that every people must contend with or else reach the boiling point. 173 more words

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Biden in 2020? With a smile, he says he's not ruling it out

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s more than a month before Donald Trump even enters the White House, but Joe Biden says he’s running for president in 2020. 258 more words