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Can Trump's Wall Really Work?

Again, these are not pretty solutions, and won’t stop a determined anything from scaling it. No one is reasonably expecting it to cut off 100% of either crime related to the south of the border sources or illegal immigration. 380 more words

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Trump has done nothing but shut down key parts of government since he took office but you wouldn't know it listening to Democrats and media

Whether it’s through stupidity, unwillingness or incompetence, the Democrat leadership cannot get across the simple message that Donald Trump’s agenda of racism, misogyny and pro-corporatism is bad for the American people, and the mainstream media isn’t much better. 529 more words

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Somali citizens count cost of surge in US airstrikes under Trump - Jason Burke.

The Guardian has investigated scores of reports of US-led strikes targeting al-Shabaab, which have risen to unprecedented levels.

Dozens of civilians have been killed and wounded in Somalia as US-led airstrikes against Islamist militants increase to unprecedented levels, a Guardian investigation has found, raising fears that Washington’s actions could bolster support for extremists. 1,484 more words

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Why did the US government shut down? How does that even happen?

By Callie Culbertson

What’s more fun than blaming all your problems on your ex? Blaming them all on Congressional members of the opposing party!

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Conservative Democrats - wolves in sheep's clothing...


Remember when the media apologized after the Presidential election for spending too much time on Trump’s theatrics, and not enough time on the issues? Remember that? 167 more words

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Government shutdown: Republicans float minor immigration deal in bid to end deadlock

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says that if Democrats agree to stopgap funding he will allow immigration reform vote

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Government shutdown: Republican float minor immigration deal in bid to aim deadlock…

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Russia Stokes Shutdown Fire

#SchumerShutdown threatened to take over Twitter in the wake of the current US government shutdown. However, a little digging into the accounts pushing the hashtag found that they were predominantly Russian bots. 274 more words