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Read -- 2017/12/18

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The future of grocery shopping has arrived in China“, by Karen Hao (Quartz). Unmanned stores are a cool development. But let’s be careful not to conflate “the future” with “machines” and reduced interpersonal interaction.
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The Right Wingnuts claimed the government in 2015 interfered with the internet, so Net Neutrality needed to be removed.  Yeah – they did interfere in 2015 to keep it open because people spoke up.  23 more words


Congress has its own exclusive subway — here’s what it’s like

Congress has its own exclusive subway — here’s what it’s like

Members of Congress have their own subway line underneath the Capitol that they use to get from their offices to their respective chambers.


Unworkable Conservatism: Small Government, Freemarkets, and Impracticality

by Max J. Skidmore

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Unworkable Conservatism looks at what passes these days for “conservative” principles—small government, low taxes, minimal regulation—and demonstrates that they are not feasible under modern conditions. 282 more words


The Biggest National Security Threats

W.J. Astore

Today at 2PM, the Trump administration releases its National Security Strategy.  It’s already making news because Trump is dropping climate change (added by the Obama administration) as a threat.  863 more words

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Who voted for Doug Jones?

Welcome to our latest Youth Discussion post! In today’s post, we’re discussing how Doug Jones won the Alabama senate race earlier this week becoming Alabama’s first Democratic senator in 25 years. 304 more words

US health leaders alarmed by report 'fetus', 'transgender' among CDC banned words

Washington Post says science-based and evidence-based also banned but Health spokesman says report is complete mischaracterization

Health leaders said they were alarmed about a report that officials at the nation’s top public health bureau are being told not to use terms or phrases including “fetus,” ” transgender” and “science-based” in official budget documents. 868 more words