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It's come to this: @OFA uses '¯\_(ツ)_/¯' in new contest to meet President Obama

Organizing for Action, the shadowy 501(c)(4) that controls President Obama’s actual name and campaign logo, is having a new contest to meet the commander in chief and is using the “shruggie” emoticon to help sell it: 284 more words

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Fire in the Hole! A New American Military Disaster, Yemen

b. traven

We’ve spent the last twenty-five years pulling Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s chestnuts out of the fire in the Middle East.  First with Desert Storm in Kuwait in 1990-91, then Iraq in 2003, and now Iraq redux.   621 more words

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'Check the monitor’: Something funny spotted in The Hill's photo for Obamacare story

Fun catch by @smith_casey. Check the monitor https://t.co/vFTLHu97R2

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) March 26, 2015

The Hill’s tweet promoting a story about Senate Republicans “targeting” Obamacare is accompanied by a photo:

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Garry Kasparov describes the only way 'Bill Clinton's word is gold'

If Bill Clinton said it, then it must be true, right?

@Kasparov63 No, but Bill Clinton's word is gold

— Ed Driscoll (@theeddriscoll) March 26, 2015…

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'Even if Bergdahl is guilty,' Marc Lamont Hill thinks Army should go easy on alleged deserter

CNN commentator and cop killer cheerleader Marc Lamont Hill doesn’t think the Army’s being very fair to alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl:

What do you think is an appropriate punishment for Bergdahl?

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