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Losing Their Grip

via Losing Their Grip.

Perhaps we should be more vigilant against hubris…

JULY 1, 2015

Rainbows illuminated the White House, the Empire State Building, and other landmarks after the Supreme Court affirmed the right to marry from sea to shining sea.

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Hillary Clinton might want to take a look at this crowd for Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin

The media might have settled on Hillary Clinton as our next president months or even years ago, but the surprise candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the socialist Independent running for president as a Democrat, has managed to shake up the race in a big way. 381 more words

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Counter-protesters arrive at flag-burning event with their own flags, massive water guns

Our old friends Disarm NYPD — the collective whose aim is to establish “no-cop zones” and replace armed law enforcement with community conflict resolution bodies — had scheduled a flag burning for this evening in New York’s Fort Greene Park to rid themselves of “this symbol of oppression.” 372 more words

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'Love is love. Is love.' Montana man says SCOTUS ruling inspired him to seek legal polygamy

Actually, maybe it is. At least one guy hopes so:

Polygamous Montana man seeks legal marriage license with 2nd wife following Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision: …

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President wraps up Q&A session on Obamacare with executive opinion on peas in guacamole

You're fired. @markknoller

— Ben Anderson (@AndStrats) July 1, 2015

The New York Times’ humble suggestion this morning to “add green peas to your guacamole” turned out to be…

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Really? How does pro-abort actress Elizabeth Banks plan to 'make life #BetterForBaby'?

Elizabeth Banks wants to make babies’ lives better:

How inspirational is this @Pampers #ad? Someone get me some tissues. Let's make life #BetterForBaby! …

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Planned Parenthood asks how to 'make a safe abortion safer' and gets what they asked for

Well, a “safe way” is subjective:

How Do You Make a Safe Abortion Any Safer? (Hint: It's already safe.) http://t.co/8uaKaiKuft @rhrealitycheck

— Planned Parenthood (@PPact) …

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