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Jack:  It has been a long time since I wrote a full column of my own but having read through many works clearly originated by raving, frothing at the mouth highly paid lunatics (note the phrase ‘highly paid and ask yourself ‘By whom?’) ‘Lo, these many months’ I thought ‘Why not?’

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7 Days in Politics: The US & The UK #1

“We have much more in common than that which divides us.”

Jeremy Corbyn 24th September 2016

Jeremy Corbyn wins again… am I having Deja Vu? On the 24th September, Corbyn received confirmation that he had yet again won the leadership of the Labour Party.

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Presidential Debate #1: 5 Best Moments for Each Candidate

Though Monday night’s debate was unlikely to swing decided voters, it was seen as a crucial moment in this bizarre election campaign. Perhaps more so than the debates in any other previous Presidential race, because of the massive polarization of voters and the question over Trump’s ability to function like a “normal” politician. 1,173 more words


The Majestic Return of Will & Grace

Ten years after the series ended, the cast of Will & Grace returned to the screen to offer up their brilliant take on the US election. 46 more words


Donald Trump’s great, tremendous, unbelievable penchant for hyperbole at the first presidential debate — Quartz

Donald Trump’s fear-mongering, crusade-laden, sensationalist, and hyperbolic rhetoric was on full display in his first debate yesterday (Sept. 26). Here are the words he relied on to make the case against Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival for US president.

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The First Presidential Debate - what the candidates weren't asked #IssuesNotEgos

So we’ve finally seen the two candidates on the same stage at the same time – how did they get on?

It’s quite simple…Trump got in some shots and had his opponent under pressure in the early stages but Hillary came storming back, easily got under his skin and forced him into some ramblings which I doubt even he could translate into understandable English now. 352 more words

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