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Postal workers fight for contract that improves customer service

During a May 14 Day of Action by the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), the union and a broad coalition of supporters called for a new collective bargaining agreement that improves customer service. 779 more words

Postal Increase Comes as No Surprise

In case you haven’t heard, postage rates will increase May 31.   Short notice…but we did have an idea that it was coming.

The Post Office has to get approval from the Postal Regulatory Commission on any rate increase.  185 more words

US Postal Service

May 2015: Suffragist of the Month

Meet TPSM‘s May 2015 Suffragist of the Month:  Anna Julia Cooper

Anna Julia Cooper was a prominent African American scholar and a strong supporter of suffrage through her teaching, writings and speeches. 708 more words


Stamps - 175 Years Old and Going Strong!

Getting a piece of mail delivered with a postage stamp on it wasn’t always the case. The modern day postage stamp was born on May 6, 1840 in Great Britain. 294 more words

Direct Mail

Here's What My Letter to the USPS Would Say

The guy with the USPS-branded gyrocopter landing on the Capitol lawn may not have been working on behalf of the Postal Service, but his attempt does point to the difficulty the mailing community has had trying to get through to Congress.  436 more words

US Postal Service

Alaska to Florida: Kilgore attacks the improbable

As Maya Angelou once said to someone at the U.S. Postal Service, the reason to climb a mountain is “because it’s there.”

Whatever the reason, former Holy Trinity distance runner David Kilgore is fascinated with extreme distances. 964 more words


Pen Me: An Invitation to Write Letters

Hi Inksters!

How exciting is it to get a letter in the mail? It probably does not happen often, but when it does, it is nice to open a letter that has been written by hand by a friend or a family member – and just for you! 407 more words