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Video: Chris Matthews' Melania Trump remarks caught on hot mic

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was caught on a hot mic commenting on Melania Trump’s “runway walk” during the network’s Indiana primary coverage.

“Did you see her walk? 121 more words


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لو عَقلنا الأمر قليلًا سنجد أن ترشح ترامب من المنطقي أن يؤدي إلى رئاسة كلينتون! فالأعمال والتجارة تكاد بلا ذرة شك أن تفضل هيلاري كلينتون، بقدر ما أنها تمثل الوضع الراهن للسياسة الاقتصادية، وأنها مرتبطة بعمق بوول ستريت.


Last Republican Trump rival 'quits race'

The race for the Republican presidential nomination has taken more than a year to unfold, but in a flash it is over.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has dropped out of the presidential race after struggling to gain traction against Republican front-runner Donald Trump, US media report. 108 more words


You did this.

You did this.

If you’ve spent these last eight years relentlessly demonizing the current occupant of the White House—questioning his religion (as if it should matter), doubting his citizenship, making thinly veiled racist jokes—you did this. 337 more words


Donald Trump and the New American Map

Over the past 40 years the United States has come full circle from the malaise that beset Jimmy Carter to the present situation around Barack Obama, who appears to be trying to emulate South Africa. 2,804 more words

South Africa

Online voting: The future of voting? Observations from Salt Lake City

By Mike Summers.

For a country which seeks to lead the world in terms of technological innovation and has spent billions of dollars in modernising their election process, it seems puzzling that online voting hasn’t made more progress in terms of becoming part of the United States electoral process. 1,302 more words

Online Voting

Donald Trump repeats false story about ‘shooting Muslims with pigs' blood'

In his latest round of controversial comments, Republican presidential contender Donald Trump repeated a long debunked story about a U.S. general using bullets dipped in pigs’ blood to execute Muslim prisoners. 452 more words