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VIDEO: Protesters blocked access to seats at DNC

This video, posted to Facebook and YouTube last night, apparently shows Sanders supporters from California returning to their section at the DNC, only to find seats with “Reserved” signs being put up, and a white noise machine installed to drown out their boos and protests. 15 more words


I really don't like Hillary Clinton OR Donald Trump

Were I American, I’d vote for Jill Stein as her platforms are closest to Bernie’s. Some may call it throwing one’s vote away or “the spoiler” (cf. 302 more words


An Australian Centrist view of Donald Trump...

Hillary Clinton is corrupt and an influence peddling politician, on the take, and seemingly above the law. She is however cunning as a fox and has the might of the establishment, media, social platforms, and the majority of Hispanic, Black and LGBT voters supporting her. 1,527 more words

Trump takes lead in U.S. polls. Gold may benefit if lead continues

For those who believe that the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President in November is as unlikely as a vote for the UK was to leave the EU – be afraid, be very afraid!   457 more words

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Congratulations Hillary, but you can't and won't end sexism alone

I’m supposed to be happy. As a woman, and a woman involved in politics no less, I’m expected to applaud Hillary Clinton for securing the Democratic nomination. 713 more words

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War on Two Fronts: Twin assaults on democracy bridge the Atlantic

by Kit

From the out-set Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders were destined to be compared, though they are very different men, the establishment response to their rise in popularity has been virtually identical. 1,313 more words
Empire Watch

Donald Trump is the ultimate Corporatist establishment stooge

One of the most disturbing things about the US Presidential Election is the amount of success Donald Trump has had portraying himself as the enemy of the establishment and friend of working people. 505 more words