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What betting markets say on US Presidential Campaign

The author set up this handy site because “Research has shown that probabilities derived from betting markets are more accurate than polls at predicting political outcomes.” … 46 more words


"Horse race journalism": reporting the US Presidential Campaign

Enjoyable rant on Trump’s “candidacy” here but even better for its thoughts on the press coverage of the presidential campaign.

Political coverage that ignores actual policy in favor of gauging public perception and election prospects often is called “horse race journalism” for treating politics as a pure competition, the only goal of which is electoral victory.

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The Politicians

Why do evangelicals like Trump? Because he's one of us.

Donald J. Trump the leading choice for president among evangelical voters right now. This isn’t going down well with some of the gatekeepers—and for good reason. 875 more words



Like Jeremy Corbyn, no one saw it coming: a 74 year old Larry David-lookalike and soundalike socialist Senator for Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is a serious contender… 582 more words

Hillary Clinton

Climate change still a partisan issue in US presidential election

No doubt there are things that are difficult to grasp. For example, if we have a headache we take Paracetamol. For us it is sufficient to know that there is an expert out there who has worked out that Paracetamol consists of a… 1,082 more words

Climate Change

Why Donald Trump is a bad for America (and the World)

ABC Economics seldom expresses its own political views. However in the case of US Republican candidate Donald Trump we fully agree with The Economist’s critical assessment of the businessmen-turned-politician. 1,108 more words


OOOOOPS! Forthcoming Satire Piece Multi-Parter on Notable GOP Presidential Candidate

You know, I’m not ashamed to say I enjoy a bit of fake news satire. But you know there’s something wrong with the internet, when Wallace Runnymede can satirise the GOP, but I can’t even make a serious campaign video without stupid web trolling hipsters making innumerable Youtube parodies!

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