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When Nominating a President United a Party

This photograph provides a measure of how much our style of choosing presidents has changed.  In 1904, when this picture was taken, there was no doubt whatsoever of the power of political parties to select their presidential nominees.  548 more words

American History

Being Nixon: A Man Divided, by Evan Thomas ****

Suddenly, everyone is writing Nixon biographies; it’s a Watergate junkie’s dream come true! Here Thomas does his best to take us inside Nixon’s skin and tell us what motivated some of the decidedly strange things he did. 1,014 more words

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Stream of Consciousness: Billy the Gluten-Free Opossum

These stream of consciousness posts have the potential of being something great, like William Howard Taft as a Supreme Court Chief Justice. If only I had a conscience (I use puns as a form of comedic relief because I have no sense of humor). 747 more words

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Theodore Roosevelt jumping, 1902

As one of history’s most active presidents came on the stage, photography raced to catch up with him.  This rather extraordinary photograph from 1902 shows Teddy Roosevelt, then president, jumping his horse over a split-rail fence.  116 more words


Meeting with Mr Lincoln

Very fancy office. Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC. July 2015


Adam's Fun Fact: Red Pistachios, World's Largest KCF, Non-American Presidents & More

Why are there no more red pistachios?  How many US Presidents were NOT US citizens?  Where is the worlds largest KFC?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun facts: 161 more words


One Man Against the World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon, by Tim Weiner*****

Question: What do an old typewriter, a copy machine, Scotch tape, and a razor blade share in common?

Answer: They were all tools used by White House employee Howard Hunt, at President Richard Nixon’s request, to forge a cable that would make (dead) President JFK appear to have ordered the assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem. 879 more words