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Which US Presidents Were Lawyers

Visit us at https://www.keithwilliamslawgroup.com/ Find out which US presidents were lawyers by trade. We have gone through the whole political history from President John Adams to President Barrack Obama.

The Life of Andrew Jackson -- Robert V. Remini

Day 1 • page 4

Great opening, jumping into Jackson’s life midway, as he became the most celebrated war hero since George Washington.

I inadvertently bought the abridged version of Remini’s biography, not knowing that the unabridged version is three volumes. 2,323 more words

Presidential Biography

Harry S Truman, in business- anecdote

Harry S Truman (1887-1972)

33rd US President

After WWI Captain Truman was for sometime engaged in the haberdashery business. It was a failure. Later in the White House he could recall an irritating customer who could not make up his mind. 49 more words


US Secret Service is Trying Social Media Campaign for Image Makeover

The US Secret Service is trying to change its image with a social media campaign. “The social media blitz comes as the Secret Service works to improve its image after a string of revelations about security breaches and agent misconduct in recent years. 22 more words

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Random Fact: October

October was known by the Anglo-Saxons as Winterfylleth, meaning the ‘fullness’ of winter. The October Revolution (Russia 1917) actually took place in November, but at that point Russia hadn’t changed from the Julian calendar. 71 more words

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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums Revamps Its Web Site

The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums has revamped its Web site (sounds like it’s been adding new content, too.) “The site includes the Hayes’ museum’s obituary index, the ability to search through the museum’s 90,000 books, manuscripts and images of the president and his family and educational programs and resources. 31 more words

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Commanders and Chiefs of Multiple Languages


Commanders and Chiefs of Multiple Languages

Multilingual World Leaders

It’s common knowledge that US Presidents from past centuries are important historical figures, but American citizens may be surprised to learn several of these English-speaking world leaders were also multilingual. 382 more words