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Washington in the 1830s

We often see politicians as living exciting lives today filled with much media attention. It wasn’t always so.

In a letter dated December 18, 1835 John Norvell, soon to be a US Senator, wrote to Kate Mason commenting on his life in Washington: 494 more words

American History

Water We Fighting About?

The primary issue at the Salton Sea is the declining water level due to reduced water inflows and excessive evaporative losses. The main consequence of this is an increase in salinity, which in turn creates a sequence of other complications. 455 more words

Betsy Ross of the Capitol

“Washington, D.C.  Mrs. Georgeieanna Higgins.  Official title is Seamstress to the United States Senate, but for years has been called the ‘Betsy Ross of the Capitol.’  She is responsible for keeping the flag that flies over the Senate wing of the Capitol in proper flapping order.  40 more words


The Trans Pacific Partnership: A Corporate Coup d’Etat in Slow Motion

We are in the midst of a massive, unprecedented, corporate coup d’etat. The US Senate has passed the fast track for the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement). 568 more words


The Trans Pacific Partnership, Fast Track Authority and What it Will Increase

Notice in the graph below that income inequality in the United States grew remarkably in favor of the 1 percent as soon as NAFTA went into effect. 259 more words

Bernie Sanders tells Bill Maher: Climate change is young people's issue, and mine, too

As you know, writers in New York’s coolest borough have nothing better to do on a Friday night than to watch political talk shows. So it was that I was watching HBO’s… 223 more words

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This Week In Congress: Trade And Transportation

The House and Senate are expected to send Trade Promotion Authority legislation to the president this week for signature. The trade legislation is a top priority for President Obama and his administration. 2,593 more words

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