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Why Is GOP Headed By President Trump Enabling Russia's Efforts To Undermine Democracies?

Rachel Maddow on her 8/14/2019 MSNBC TV show shared details from a recent Pentagon white paper about how Russia secures its influence over other countries’ politics and notes that the US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s played a role in facilitating an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in his home state of Kentucky, among other things, aligns with Russia’s strategy. 1,342 more words

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Mike Pompeo inches closer to Kansas U.S. Senate run and seeks advice from Steve Bannon


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is said to be inching closer to running for Senate in Kansas and has reached out to Steve Bannon as he contemplates his next move. 28 more words

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Joe Biden is referred to as a moderate. How centrist was his voting record relative to the times and other members of Congress?

The media narrative that Joe Biden represents the moderate third way has been aided by the attacks of other candidates for Democratic nomination on both his US Senate voting record and on the Obama Administration. 2,322 more words

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Pleading With Beto!

2020 cycle has a “rock star” in the running for the Dem nomination……at least that is his feeling about his run…..but with the political climate changing in Texas these days….some are begging Beto to return to Texas and run for the Senate….. 359 more words


U.S. Senators Want Poland to Compensate Jews for Lost Property and Valuables During the Holocaust

According to a recent broadcast from Fox News, the majority of United States Senators have decided that it would be a good idea for Poland to return Jewish property and valuables taken from Polish Jews during the Holocaust. 183 more words


His Highness the Aga Khan's address at the extraordinary 2002 Smithsonian Folklife Festival is in US Senate's Congressional Record

“Your Highness…The Silk Road Project and I admire you for many reasons. In your cultural work you have created the Aga Khan Prize for Architecture, you have supported and founded Universities around the world, and you are doing important restoration work in cities like Cairo and now Kabul.

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His Highness The Aga Khan

U.S. Senators Want Poland to Pay Victims of Nazi Property Thefts


Wojciech Moskwa


Daniel Flatley

August 6, 2019

U.S. senators urged President Donald Trump’s administration to pressure Poland, a NATO ally, to resolve demands to compensate Holocaust victims for property confiscated by the Nazis during World War II. 319 more words