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Why is the World Cup Such a Big Deal?

I mean for this post to be directed mainly towards my fellow Americans since I know that the majority of the United States is largely indifferent to soccer. 583 more words


Did American World Cup Referee Ask Cristiano Ronaldo For His Jersey?

Say “it ain’t so,” Mark Geiger.

Morocco winger Nordin Amrabat accused the American soccer referee of asking Cristiano Ronaldo for his jersey during Portugal’s win over Morocco on Wednesday. 246 more words

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A U.S. youth soccer reform update (FourFourTwo piece and beyond)

My FourFourTwo piece from yesterday gave a multi-part plan for rescuing youth soccer from the pit of despair or some other dreary place of your choosing, and it features input from Kyle Martino, Kevin Payne and two U.S. 459 more words

Youth Soccer

Happy U.S. Soccer Financial Disclosure Day!

Okay, that’s not a real day (and let us hope it never is). But the USSF has finally released its Audited Statement for FY 2017… 309 more words


US Open Cup preview: Q&A with Danielle Lerner of the Louisville Courier-Journal

Nashville SC and Louisville City FC are no strangers: they’ve already played twice this season. What’s the latest with the Boys in Purple? I asked Danielle Lerner of the¬† 597 more words

Nashville SC

"That's like hiring a horse to watch your dog"

There are many methods of measuring a sports growth in a country. How many people participate in the sport is a big one. How much money is spent on products related to the sport – another biggie. 546 more words


The USA World Cup Replacements

Remember back in November of 2016 when the United States Soccer Federation began slowly and aggressively inserting a sharp, slopily-dressed, fat-Taylor-Negron looking (amazing reference) unlubed dagger into the hearts of the loyal US Soccer fans? 2,795 more words