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What the US should do about persecution of Christians

According to the US State Department’s 2012 International Religious Freedom Report, “Christians were a leading target of societal discrimination, abuse, and violence in some parts of the world.” As an instrument of diplomacy, the State Department’s  choice of “some” over ‘many’ or ‘most’ is hardly surprising. 731 more words


The Full Picture: Senator George Weah is Not Forbes' 4th Most Powerful Men in Africa

A recent report flooding Liberia and  Liberian social media platforms posted by one Sam Manneh on Facebook, believed to be protégé  of Senator George Weah that the Senator has been named Africa’s 4th Most Powerful Men by Forbes Magazine has come out to  be far from the truth and the fallout of the mis-information is unraveling. 519 more words


The Hilarity of George Soros in Munich

By F. William Engdahl – Re-Blogged From http://normanpilon.com

Sometimes I come across a comment from someone in the public eye that is so ridiculous it must not be let slip from view. 1,024 more words

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U.S. propaganda in Korea exposes American TV as social engineering tool

“Convincing a population to be self-absorbed moral and social degenerates is “mind-altering,” however it has little or nothing to do with the pursuit of freedom. The weakness sown amongst populations encouraged to break up first their families, then their local communities, is tantamount to a domestic military campaign of sociopolitical “divide and conquer.” Local communities that are incapable of organizing themselves, because individuals themselves are incapable of building families, reduces the potential of competitors rising up and challenging the status quo established by Wall Street and Washington.

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Sikh Federation (UK) - Call on UK and US governments for an international inquiry into massacre of 35 Sikhs in Chittisinghpura and subsequent cover up

London, 20 March 2015. Today marks the 15th anniversary of the Chittisinghpura massacre when 35 innocent Sikhs were cold bloodedly murdered in the small village two-and-a-half-hours drive from Srinagar, the summer capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. 891 more words


State Dept. Investigated over Anti-Netanyahu Campaign

by Abigail Robertson
March 18, 2015

As Israelis were voting for their next prime minister Tuesday, American lawmakers were demanding to know if U.S. 85 more words

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The US State Department’s Regime Change Mania

While John Kerry and Jen Psaki are trying hard to deny US involvement in color revolutions, history tells a different story

‘Even a seasoned cynic sometimes gasps in disbelief. 102 more words