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The 'But The Supreme Court' Argument For Hillary Clinton

One ‘hold-your-nose-and-vote-for-the-lesser-evil’ argument currently making the rounds for the Hillary Clinton candidacy–ostensibly intended to address the ‘schism’ in the Democratic Party, among the ‘Left’ and ‘progressives’–goes something like this. 480 more words


Special Edition Saturday - May 14, 2016

Our guest this weekend is Gabriel Malor, author and brilliant legal scholar and Supreme Court expert to discuss some o f the upcoming decisions by the court, as well as how the death of Justice Antonin Scalia has affected the court’s decisions. 18 more words



Yesterday the United States Supreme Court issued a 7-1 opinion in Green v. Brennan.  Justice Sotomayor authored the majority opinion, which vacated and remanded the Tenth Circuit’s dismissal of Plaintiff Marvin Green’s race discrimination and retaliation complaint on timeliness grounds. 474 more words

Employment Discrimination

... No , this was not a Punt [#SCOTUS ObamaCrapCare ruling]...

.. I will admit , this one was a bit odd . It is extraordinarily rare when SCOTUS decides to play the role of ” mediator . 98 more words

Personal Opinion

Establishment of a State Religion OK According to Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas is OK with states establishing an official religion and that’s why it is important to vote for Hillary Clinton even if frustrated by Bernie Sanders not getting the nomination. 704 more words