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Microsoft loses a lawsuit in Belgium pertaining to Sharing of Skype user data

According to reports Microsoft has lost a law suit in Belgium which required the Redmond Giant to provide access to Skype user data to provide law enforcement in a criminal investigation case. 308 more words


Harris v Balk

Debt priority through attachment is not something familiar to English law, however in America the facts are quite different, and in this instance the indebtedness of a lender became primary to the borrower’s failure to repay, after a third party attached the sum outstanding through applicable state law. 715 more words

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Hutto v Davis

Disproportionate sentencing for non-violent offences, while not surprising in a multi-jurisdictional continent, becomes central to the hierarchical fragility of a country built upon fairness and constitutional rights, when a convicted felon receives life imprisonment for drug related offences valued at less than $200 at the time of arrest. 444 more words

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Adam v Saenger

When parties to an existing litigation require an immediate defence response, the essence of the Constitution reminds those involved, that regardless of how such matters are realised, the purpose of natural law is to permit resolution in every state. 568 more words

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Allgeyer v State of Louisiana

The powers of state legislation, while binding upon the citizens residing within its borders, doubtless remain subject to the supremacy of the constitution, and so on this occasion, a marine insurance policy drafted and bargained for in another part of the country, was held to allow for the unfettered rights of the insured, while reminding the pursuers that justice is a two-way process. 768 more words

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Thurgood Marshall Movie Faithful To The Man

WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall’s widow, Cecilia, has seen two showings of the new movie “Marshall” about her late husband. She liked it, but had one observation about actor Chadwick Boseman, who plays the civil rights pioneer and legal giant. 669 more words