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Is the Death Penalty a Good Way to Scare off Criminals

There has been a debate and there still is a debate regarding the death penalty. While it is cruel to end someone’s life, they might have deserved it right? 281 more words

Should The Punishment Fit The Crime?

It was quite interesting to see that the US Supreme Court had ruled that Russell Bucklew had no right to a “painless death” which will allow his execution by lethal injection to go ahead. 499 more words


SCOTUS Concludes That Repeating A Lie Violates 10b-5

I don’t normally cover SCOTUS decisions, but this makes two days in a row.  In Lorenzo v. Securities and Exchange Commission, SCOTUS No. 17-1077, March 27, 2019,  the court addressed whether an broker-dealer, who delivers statements made by an investment banking client to prospective purchasers, is liable if those statements are false or misleading. 384 more words

U.S. Supreme Court backs Sudan in USS Cole bombing lawsuit

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday prevented American sailors injured in the deadly 2000 al Qaeda bombing of the Navy destroyer USS Cole from collecting $314.7 million in damages from the government of Sudan for its alleged role in the attack. 358 more words


SCOTUS Rules Embassies Are Not Registered Agents Of Foreign Governments – Justice Thomas Is The Sole Voice Of Reason

Republic of Sudan v. Harrison, SCOTUS, 16-1094, March 26, 2019

This case has no importance to your practice of law whatsoever, unless you are in the sub(sub)(sub) specialty of suing foreign governments for terrorist acts.  397 more words


Reuters: U.S. top court jeopardizes Google settlement in internet privacy case

Reuters: U.S. top court jeopardizes Google settlement in internet privacy case. “The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday put in jeopardy an $8.5 million settlement Google has agreed to pay to resolve a class action lawsuit accusing it of violating a federal privacy law by sharing users’ search queries with other websites.”