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Florida Supreme Court rules unanimous juries needed to impose death sentences, overturning state law

The Florida Supreme Court ruled Friday that juries must unanimously recommend death sentences before a judge can impose them, a decision which declares unconstitutional current state law and complicates the… 115 more words


Buying a Smartphone for Its Curves Is Like Buying a Car for Its Cup Holders

On Oct. 7, Samsung found itself facing an unpleasant result in one of the many patent lawsuits it’s a part of: A federal appellate court… 1,137 more words


CCR takes Turkmen v. Ashcroft case to the Supreme Court

In the days after the attacks of September 11, 2001, hundreds of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian men were swept up by the INS and the FBI based on nothing more than their race, religion, ethnicity, and immigration status. 325 more words

Human Rights

A diminutive Ruth Bader Ginsberg sacks The Kap

Streaking in and evading his protection on a corner blitz, US Supreme Ruth Bader Ginsberg sacked Colon Kaepernick for a huge loss when she called his protest “dumb and disrespectful”.

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... Busted !! [#Miz Hillary][#gun rights]...

.. these days , you should assume any ” mike ” is hot ..

.. also , you may want an event not to be recorded . 81 more words

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Supreme Court Sounds Likely to Help Insider-Trading Prosecutions

On Wednesday morning, the shorthanded, eight-justice U.S. Supreme Court seemed surprisingly likely to reach consensus on what had seemed like a potentially controversial insider-trading case—the marquee business case on its docket at this juncture. 875 more words


Supreme Court's Unusual Start to New Term: No Arguments on Jewish New Year

MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press
JESSICA GRESKO, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court opened an unusual term on Monday with a depleted bench, just five of its nine seats filled. 579 more words