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Obama's Greatest Failure

With a year-and-a-half of the Obama presidency left to endure, it might seem a bit premature for post-mortems of his administration, but this call is easy to make at this point because his policies only assure that, as bad as the situation is, it will only be worse by the end of his administration.  600 more words


Manufactured Exports Fall to Lowest Level in 2-1/2 Years

As announced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis this morning, the trade deficit edged up by a smaller-than-expected $1.1 billion to $41.9 billion in May.  But the real story is what’s happening in the category of manufactured goods, which continues to worsen precipitously.  175 more words


The Problem with TPP

On Friday, the House of Representatives dealt a major blow to what would have been a crown jewel in President Obama’s economic plan – the “Trans Pacific Partnership” (TPP) trade deal that he has worked for his entire presidency.  642 more words


America's Best Trading Partners

In my previous post, we examined a list of America’s twenty worst per capita trade deficits in manufactured goods in 2013.  We saw that the list was heavily dominated by very densely populated nations.  498 more words


America's Worst Trade Partners in 2013

Top 20 Deficits, 2013

In a recent previous post, I reported that the U.S. suffered a record trade deficit in manufactured goods with those half of nations above the median population density, and a healthy surplus with the other half of nations. 682 more words


[348] Wolff on technology and speculation on Greek writedowns

Boom Bust

The US trade deficit surged to its highest level in nearly 6 ½ years in the month of March. On Tuesday, the Commerce Department said that the trade deficit widened in March by 43.1% to a seasonally adjusted $51.4 billion. 242 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Effect of Population Density on Trade Sets Record in 2013

Each year I vow to publish this analysis in a more timely manner and, it seems, that each year it gets tougher to do.  But this is a massive undertaking, so I hope you’ll cut me some slack. 482 more words