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TTIP is a Horrible Idea for the U.S.


The above-linked article reports on opposition in the U.S. to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – otherwise known as “TTIP” – another of the Obama administration’s hare-brained trade schemes.   489 more words


China- The Global Winner...it is done

China is quietly spending valuable time and money building an empire while the US spends its time and money destroying countries, having glitzy parties, and complaining.   787 more words


February Uptick in Exports Swamped by Imports

A $1.8 billion rise in manufactured exports in February – the first rise in five months – was swamped by a $3.5 billion jump in imports, sending America’s trade deficit in manufactured goods to its third worst reading ever – $59.7 billion vs. 92 more words


Troubling Signs in the March Employment Report


This time around I’m going to focus less on the headline numbers and more on the details of the March employment report.  (Link provided above.)  Although the headline numbers appear strong – 215,000 jobs added with the unemployment rate up slightly at 5.0% – there are troubling signs in the details which hint at a looming economic slowdown. 381 more words

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U.S. Trade Deficit with China Continues on Same Trajectory

Our trade deficit with China in 2015 continued worsening on the same trajectory that it’s been on since the onset of “free” trade with China that began after Clinton granted them “most favored nation” trade status in 2000.  527 more words


Recession Omen Lurking in Trade Data

I’ll get to the recession omen in a moment, but there’s something else about the January trade data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis on Friday that I need to get off my chest first.  836 more words


Carrier's Move to Mexico


Earlier this week, the Carrier Corporation announced that it would be closing its plants in Indiana and moving production to Mexico.  Carrier said that the move was necessary in order to “remain competitive.”  The move garnered more attention than usual, thanks to an employee who captured the announcement on video along with workers’ angry reaction, and thanks to Republican candidate Donald Trump pouncing on the story to illustrate the need for his plan to implement tariffs in order to bring back manufacturing jobs from places like Mexico, China and Japan. 644 more words