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Why War Does Not Matter

I spend most of my time trying to get people to pay attention to all the wars that we are engaged in today and the ones waiting for their number to come up…..so far I have been wasting my time (or so it seems)….. 1,564 more words

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American War Dead

WE Americans continue to die in defense of our country.  We have died in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and the list goes on.  It is a sad occasion when I have to write another post about more Americans dying in wars of no interests. 237 more words

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What Options?

We hear all the President’s men when talking about what to do about the situation in North Korea…..”we have options”

For months now, the U.S. has been trying different measures to get North Korea to give up its nuclear program.

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Where Are the Brave Military Voices Against Forever War?

I am a devout antiwar supporter….it comes from my time in the mud in the paddies of SE Asia…..I see a lot of the same mistakes being made all over again….and yet NO one will step up and point out the worthless, useless efforts being made to NOT end a war. 238 more words


Closing Thought--03Oct17

Americans Just Keep Dying!

There is usually not much in the MSM these days about American soldiers dying in combat…something I cannot allow to continue. 237 more words

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Remember Afghanistan?

Sure you do!  It is that stone age country that we invaded to get Osama for his part in then 9/11 attacks.  Well Osama is dead killed in Pakistan not Afghanistan and yet the war is till being fought for the hearts and minds of opium growers. 613 more words

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US Wars And Hostile Actions

That time again…..the IST history lesson…..

After listening to the speech given by Pres. Trump at the UN when he talked about those “rogue nations” that are a threat to the stability of the world….and it got me to thinking about the history of the US and I wanted to look back….. 546 more words

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