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US vs. UK: Who Grades Students?

When I began teaching in the UK, I discovered that the word “grade” belongs on that List of Words That Change Meaning Dramatically When You Cross the Pond, along with “vest,” “pants,” and “rubber.” 1,648 more words


Politics - another great US/UK divide

Three years after most people I’ve just started to wade my way through the box set of the US version of “House of Cards.” I loved the original British trilogy and so had resisted watching a different take on the story. 283 more words

Politics & Campaigning

US vs. UK: Mathematical Terminology

I’m an American, born and bred. I revere the 14th Amendment, root for the New England Patriots [dodges rotten fruit], and can rattle off all 44 presidents. 1,659 more words


Conquering the Art of Driving in the UK

A long, long time ago, I wrote about taking driving lessons in preparation for my UK driver’s licence exam. (That is not a typo rather that is how… 1,158 more words

United Kingdom

My Reaction To Warm Eggs

Mom always told us not to eat the cookie dough because we could get food poisoning. But who listens to that advice?? I’ve probably eaten more cookie dough in my lifetime that I actually have cookies. 646 more words

Procrastipost #3

Wow, I’ve actually started to number these posts >.>

As you may have guessed from the title, I am procrastinating once more at a time when I should be studying for finals. 707 more words