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Got 99 problems and Russia ain't one

Russia is merely a distraction, the least of our problems as working class people in the US. Our REAl problems are: how to make a living without working themselves to death, health insurance that is affordable, the high costs of living including rent / mortgage, food, education and just living. 789 more words

File proposed Transgender military ban under; be careful what you wish for

Every time someone in authority suggests discriminating against any one or any group in this society it is detrimental and is a blow to civil rights and human progress. 717 more words

Honoring Our Fallen

Memorial Day

A day we’re called to remember.

This is not a day to wish everyone a happy day, it is a day to pause, reflect, and remember. 110 more words

Widows And Orphans

Trump’s Cabinet Is a Coup Waiting to Happen

Excerpt from: The Nation
This article originally appeared at TomDispatch.com.

The president-elect’s main advisors are a clique of “warrior-generals” who may spell the end of the democratic experiment. 2,251 more words