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5 Dead in Texas After S.U.V. Packed With Immigrants Crashes in High-Speed Chase by SARAH MERVOSH


Fourteen people were packed into the vehicle, which was speeding 100 miles per hour when it rolled over, the authorities said.

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Continuing the series: Ten ways the democratic northern hemisphere nations became the Orwellian West. 1.) Continuous War 2.) Widespread Surveillance 3.) Propaganda-Style Fake News 4.) Acceptance of Politically Correct Orthodoxies via Newspeak 5.) Dumbing Down and Doublethink 6.) Censorship In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential Election, alternative-news websites were labeled fake news as the…

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ㅤ”You may be shocked to learn that, according to a recent study by Southern Methodist University, our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., has the country’s highest concentration of psychopathic individuals.

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The Inspector General’s report reveals that the FBI reopened Hillary Clinton’s email probe due to pressure from a case agent concerned over private Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, confirming Infowars reports from October 2016.

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