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US: Nintendo Downloads For August 25th 2016

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

  • Virtual Console on Wii U
    • Super Mario 64 DS – Mario, Luigi and Wario set out for a party at Princess Peach’s castle, but arrive to find it empty … well, except for Yoshi.
  • 594 more words

Trump Is Mr Brexit - That Will Mean JOBS

When Trump called himself MR Brexit, the left collectively clutched at their pearls.  Many decried the drop in value of the British Pound, not knowing of course how currency exchange values work or what that means.   382 more words

The Top Situations That Stress Us Out At Work

Here are the top moments when people get the most stressed out at work.

A new survey found the top five situations that stress us out at work.. 43 more words


Battle For Jarablus Syria

Turkey has no intention to fight Daesh in Syria: Analyst Gordon Duff/ Blatant violation of sovereignty’: Damascus condemns Turkish operation in Jarablus/ US warplanes conduct airstrikes as Turkey races against Kurds to take Jarablus… 1,867 more words

World At War

Brexit leader Nigel Farage campaigns for Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has roped in Brexit leader Nigel Farage to canvass for him, a rare occasion when a foreign political leader has addressed an election rally in the US for one of the presidential candidates. 193 more words

A Conflicted Donald Trump Tries a New Tactic: Sticking to the Script by PATRICK HEALY and ALEXANDER BURNS


After months of flailing attempts, Donald J. Trump has begun to recast his message in more structured terms and wrestle with his temptation to go off script. 12 more words