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The assassination of John F. Kennedy and the plot against Cuba 54 years later Via #HistoriadeCuba

By  Fabián Escalante

Automatically Translated 

Fifty-four years later, the President Kennedy assassination has not been clarified and nothing has been discovered about his direct or  indirect assassins in the reports that are periodically declassified by the US authorities, however, from time to time, Cuba is pointed without any foundation, suspiciously every time the US Administration on duty toughens its aggressive and inhumane policies against the island. 164 more words

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President Trump said Alabama votes should not support Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for the Senate. He declined to say whether he would campaign for Mr. 13 more words


Turning legal for the 2nd time

Ok so this is about a month and half late but I have been crazy busy with midterms exams, assignments and everything else which means that I have only just been able to find time to write this bc its currently thanksgiving break and I have nothing better to do *cry cry* 1,183 more words


F-35 numbers could suffer as defence cuts bite

‘There are no votes in Defence’. Those words may very well be foremost in Philip Hammond’s mind as the former Defence Secretary, now Chancellor of the Exchequer prepares his latest budget. 656 more words


Yellen Will Leave Federal Reserve Next Year by BINYAMIN APPELBAUM


Janet L. Yellen, the Federal Reserve chairwoman, said she would leave the Fed when a successor is installed. She could have remained as a governor until 2024. 12 more words


The House Democratic leader called for harassment charges against the House’s most senior member, John Conyers Jr., to be subjected to an ethics inquiry. http://ift.tt/2jLwmSE


Federal judge in California blocks Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities — the DC drain - conservative politics

ㅤ”The Trump administration has appealed Orrick’s decision to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.” ㅤô¿ô …Trump & Co. know the drill. California is wasting taxpayer dollars.

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