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Multilateral Meeting on Syria to Be Held in UN General Assembly

On Thursday, September 21, in a week of UNGA High-level Meetings multilateral talks on Syria are to take place. It’s still unknown how many countries will participate in the meeting but the main parties are Russia, US, Great Britain, France and China, five permanent UNSC members. 55 more words


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Hurricane Maria Live Updates: Catastrophic Flooding in Puerto Rico by THE NEW YORK TIMES


Flash flood warnings were expanded to cover the entire island early Thursday, even as a strengthened Maria brought heavy rainfall to the Dominican Republic. 12 more words


Russian Foreign Minister: US is "An Uninvited Guest" in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, during a meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, said that the United States is an uninvited guest in Syria, RIA Novosti reported. 120 more words

Moscow Warns US any Shellings of Russian Task Force by Syrian Opposition Will be Thwarted

Moscow has informed Washington via a special communications channel that any attempts of Syrian opposition fighters to shell Russian task force and Syrian troops will be curbed, Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday. 231 more words

Google adquiere parte de los móviles de HTC por 925 millones de euros

En un mundo cada vez más industrializado, uno de los gigantes a nivel internacional de las telecomunicaciones llamado Google  ha comprado una compañía mundialmente conocida de origen taiwuanés por 925 millones de euros, el equivalente a 100 millones de dólares. 163 more words