Man United complete double deal for Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin

Man United have wrapped up the signings of Southampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin and Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern Munich, for a combined fee of around £40m for the midfield duo. 502 more words

Premier League

NYC - you left your mark on me

OK lets get the negatives out of the way – at its worst NYC is a dirty ugly noisy place and left its mark on me in the form of a great big dollop of bubble gum stuck in the crevices of my sandals. 297 more words

Presto - YZZ - LGA

The name of the Toronto travel card is synonymous with speed ; the newly installed UPE airport link between Toronto Central and Pearson airport has this plus enough meeters and greeters to challenge Phoenix airport as the friendliest arrival. 352 more words

So much to do so little time to do it in

Washington DC is all neo-classical monumental architecture and big men in black cars talking to their wrists.

“Normal” police also patrol on just about every form of transport bar boat & segue (but I predict the latter WILL come). 379 more words

Rail Direct to DC

Travelling by train is always more pleasurable than by plane.  Last night’s celebrations after the C&T first day and presentation ringing in our ears.  Afro-Cuban “twins” Ibiye crafted an excellent spectacle of rhythm and soul.   262 more words

Dooby do Cosmetic Science

OK – now for the science bit….

I turns out that I do a bit of work while I am here (and good fun it is) – BUT its not everyday you get to listen to a musical icon lecture on the values of “disruptive thinking”. 140 more words

The Capital before the Capitol

Philadelphia, the real heart and birthplace of what is now The United States. Whether this knowledge influences perception, there is something quite Olde-world English about the place.   309 more words