Rail Direct to DC

Travelling by train is always more pleasurable than by plane.  Last night’s celebrations after the C&T first day and presentation ringing in our ears.  Aruba Cuban “twins” Ibiye crafted an excellent spectacle of rhythm and soul.   259 more words

Dooby do Cosmetic Science

OK – now for the science bit….

I turns out that I do a bit of work while I am here (and good fun it is) – BUT its not everyday you get to listen to a musical icon lecture on the values of “disruptive thinking”. 146 more words

The Capital before the Capitol

Philadelphia, the real heart and birthplace of what is now The United States. Whether this knowledge influences perception, there is something quite Olde-world English about the place.   302 more words

Travel broadens the mind

Early night and morning. Beautiful sunrise over the mountains, the cityscape looks amiable enough.  The guy who walks into the hotel looks like a very bad Elvis impersonator – Elvis in his latter days too.   316 more words

Mount Zion - I'll be right back

Recollections of Zion National Park (day 14)

Though the idea of getting the shuttle into Springdale for breakfast before entering the park seems odd it kind of works. 421 more words

The Page Boy gives way to the Master

Leaving the Page Boy Motel behind us we fill up the car with fuel and the dollar card with cash ( we suddenly seem to have maxed it on the first stage of our journey). 389 more words

The Antelope, The Horseshoe & The space between

Recollections of Day 12

Bracketed between an early and later visit to National / tribal beauty spots we make this a rest day and though Page Boy motel has little going for it in terms of attraction, the  other guests are away so we have the pool and the barbecue to ourselves for the day. 619 more words