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Carpetbagger at 1970's Land of Oz Themepark

Carpetbagger has dynamic style personal adventures to some little known & unique landmarks across the country. There are also some unique fact tests


LOS ANGELES - Welcome to Hollywood!

Written 4/09/16, On the plane from LA to Seattle (in business class seats!), 7:15pm

Good evening!

These last few days in LA have been totally amazing and we got to see so many cool things! 1,855 more words

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Las Vegas - A Dream Come True!

Written 1/09/16, On the bus from Las Vegas to LA! 2:30pm

Good Afternoon!

I cannot wait to tell you all about my favourite American city so far, LAS VEGAS! 3,065 more words

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Austin, Texas - The Live Music Capital of the World!

Written 29/08/16 at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (WAITING TO FLY TO LAS VEGAS), 10:35pm

Good Evening!

Well thanks Austin, you were a blast! I’ll start from the very beginning of our very awesome time here… three days ago… 2,672 more words

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Orlando - My Harry Potter Dream!

Written 26/08/16, Orlando International Airport, 7am

Good morning!

We are at the airport now after 2 and a half awesome days in ORLANDO, FLORIDA!

Because we weren’t here for that long, and also I just want to write about Harry Potter, I’m going to write about each day separately! 1,260 more words

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Put Your Hands Up For DETROIT!

Written 23/08/16, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, 7:30am

Hey hey!

Guess what?! We survived! We’re alive!

We first arrived in the dead of night, well, 12:25am, with a welcoming AMBER Alert instantly coming through to both our phones. 1,816 more words

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Boston - Home of Harvard!

Written 20/08/16, Logan International Airport Massachusetts, 4:30pm


What a crazy turn of events in the last few hours! I’m still at the airport, despite being scheduled for a 1pm flight to Chicago, which is where I should be right now. 2,045 more words

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