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The Battle for Palmyra: What Really Happened According to Military Sources ~ [a Ziad Fadel Report]

Syrian Armed Forces Prepare for Counter-Assault at Palmyra

Ziad Fadel


Tadmur (Palmyra):  Even nominally friendly sites like NSNBC are misreporting events in this historically important town in the far east of Homs Governorate.   711 more words


Road Trippin' Day 6

May 19th: Day 6

Cold. My feet were so cold. After waking up after 6:45 because of the cold and the sun, we eventually thawed, charged phones at McDonald’s, and then headed back to walk into the Grand Canyon! 266 more words


A holiday with Dolly Parton

Ever since I went to Tennessee, I’ve been looking Dolly Parton in the bosom on a daily basis. She’s just right there, posing in my kitchen, on a poster I bought in Dollywood. 650 more words


Nothing to hide, Iran Agrees to UN Inspection of Yemen Aid Ship

Iran Agrees to UN Inspection of Yemen Aid Ship
US, Saudis Had Threatened ‘Military Options’ Against Ship

Aiming to stave off a threatened attack by either US or Saudi warships, the Iranian cargo ship full of humanitarian aid for Yemen… 140 more words


Road Trippin' Day 5

May 18th: Day 5

Flagstaff is a really pretty spot. Northern Arizona University is here and the whole place is under the shadow of a mountain. 441 more words


Partners in inequality and injustice, the USA & israel

The U.S and Israel Have the Worst Income Inequality in the Developed World


A new report reveals that the gap between rich and poor in the developed world is at its highest level in 30 years—and finds that the U.S. 350 more words