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Because i'm a girl .so i can't do ANYTHING.

I not really comfortable writing it but i guess i have to write it even though i don’t want to because it keeps hunting me. 236 more words

Say Goodbye To Elephants and Rhinoceros

The fact that we are destroying our world is becoming more and more evident, and I don’t mean the atmospheric, land and ocean pollution. From reports out today it would seem that we are destroying the world’s animals too at an ever increasing rate. 538 more words


An 86-year-old lady gave Google such an unusual request that the company decided to answer her personally

Our grandmothers are, by and large, wonderful people who we cannot help but adore. But when your granny turns out to be using good manners even when she’s using the Internet, it’s enough to melt your heart. 188 more words

2016 Beer Camp Tropical IPA - Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Chico, CA, USA)

2016 Beer Camp Tropical IPA – Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. , 242 more words


This Delhi’s Restaurant DOESN’T Believe In Giving Leftovers To Poor

Leftover food turned out to be a grave concern and many NGOs pledged to take this initiative wholeheartedly. Many philanthropists also chipped in their efforts and money so that the poor sections of the society get access to food, a basic necessity of life. 279 more words

One step at a time 

Don’t rush, take it slow. Take one step after the next. Don’t allow yourself to rest and fight yourself when your on that plateau. Keep your head down and just keep going. 45 more words




Subject To Change

Depth: 2 km

Distances: 852 km S of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,838,000 / local time: 02:50:49.9 2016-09-25
421 km SW of Salem, United States / pop: 155,000 / local time: 02:50:49.9 2016-09-25… 12 more words

Earthquake Alert