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Viewpoint: Are Donald Trump and his rivals a big joke?

Source: BBC

With the US presidential election just nine months away, American political satirist, PJ O’Rourke casts a scathing eye over the candidates hoping to make it to the White House. 303 more words

The Muslim Times

Oscars nominees are receiving gift bags worth $200k including holidays, sex toys and breast lifts

(Picture: REX/Metro)You’d think that the glory of being up for the most coveted prize in the film industry would be enough of a buzz – but the nominees for the biggest Oscar prizes will also go home with the most extravagant gift bag ever. 19 more words

Are wars for oil inevitable?

It’s just a suggestion. I can not support them with scientific facts, figures exactly the same as I can not prove with certainty the participation of man in the warming climate. 889 more words

International Politics And Security (English)

Bernie Sanders sends super rich into panic mode

Bernie Sanders’ Tax Plan Sends US Super-Rich Into Panic Mode

Before the usual crowd starts screaming about “socialism” or something like that, one needs to calmly examine the chart provided by Forbes below.

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Bayer allegedly sold medication that could give people HIV


What if a company that you thought you could trust, knowingly sold you a medicine for your child that they knew had the potential to give your child HIV? 353 more words