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Usagi Drop (2011) with some spoilers

The live action film of Usagi Drop is quite simply adorable.

In that respect it’s much like the manga[1] and the anime, albeit with some changes that I’m not entirely certain about. 644 more words


Click & Watch: Usagi Drop Episodes 1-11 (Sub)

Summary: While attending his grandfather’s funeral, thirty-year-old bachelor Daikichi is surprised to 147 more words


Unsung Heroes: Great Parental Figures in Anime

It’s perhaps stating the obvious, but anime parents don’t typically get much in the way of positive screen-time. Mostly they’re just sort of there in the background, or in some cases are absent altogether – either because our main character has been tragically orphaned at a young age, or else because they’re apparently just that unimportant to the story. 1,152 more words


Usagi Drop Review

Usagi Drop ( Bunny Drop)

watched 2015

Type: TV

Episodes: 11/11

Aired: Jul, 2011 to Sep, 2011

Producers: Production I.G, Fuji TV, Sakura Create

Usagi Drop is a manga adaptation by  Yumi Unita. 439 more words


Video Review: Usagi Drop/Bunny Drop (Anime)

Release Date: August 7th 2012 (US), February 22nd 2012 (AUS)
Rating: Everyone (US), PG (AUS)
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Slice-of-Life
Runtime: 320 mins
Audio Languages: Japanese Audio… 120 more words

Reviews of yesteryear: Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop started out as a manga by Unita Yumi. The anime adaptation was handled by Production I.G. It’s also the second Josei series I’ve been asked to review. 798 more words