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Counter-Cultural Jerks- Sailor Moon Crystal 20 -MS 18

This week, Sono and Ammit discuss:

Sailor Moon Crystal 20 – Crystal Tokyo – King Endymion

Q1- What is Black Moon’s problem with long life and relative peace? 973 more words


Depression Reprise!

Okay, okay. I realize that depression cannot have a reprise since it’s not music BUT it sounded cool so whatever! I can name the title of this post whatever I want. 307 more words


Beefless Bunny and Umeboshi Bento

I made a bunny out of Gardein’s beefless ground, used broccoli, edamame and made rice with another umeboshi in it. The last one was really strong, so I’m expecting no less from this one. 8 more words


Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 20 Review

So this week we were graced with a brand new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal! This wasn’t my favorite episode but it was definitely my favorite part of the series. 212 more words


Pluto: Surprisingly Warm- Sailor Moon Crystal 19 -MS 17

Sono and Ammit discuss the latest Sailor Moon Crystal. The Sailor Guardians gets lost in Time, as they accompany Chibi-Usa on her way back to the future. 966 more words


Sailor Moon IRL

Well, this girl beat me to my life’s hair ambition: Sailor Moon/Usagi IRL. Judging by that silver hair she actually surpassed my dream of having Sailor Moon hair, SHE’S NEO QUEEN SERENITY, rockin’ that look so hard, and now I realise I always wanted Neo Queen Serenity silver hair. 26 more words


Sailor Moon Check in: Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Hey guys, it’s a Crystal week, and I spent Saturday locked in my room reading comics, watching movies and then watching Sailor Moon, plus watching a the last two episodes last night. 292 more words