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Usagi Drop - This Isn't The End

I’m here to talk about another great anime. This one is called Usagi Drop. This is good. This is really good. It’s almost as good as Aishiteru ze Baby. 129 more words


Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume Two

Hi Sailor Moon fans! It is finally time for my long awaited review of Sailor Moon: Volume 2. I’ll admit I have been very sidetracked by… 916 more words

Grimm Otaku

Sailor Moon Episode 5 SDC Placeholder

Plot: Usagi’s little brother Shingo has discovered Luna sleeping in his room. As Shingo hates cats, their parents leave it up to them to figure out if or how Luna can stay with them. 337 more words


Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Series Review


Chibi-Usa is training as a sailor scout and a whole new threat has appeared before the scouts. That and the mysterious figures that may or may not be allies has Usagi all confused. 915 more words



Better be late than never :) Time really does fly and I can’t believe it has been more than half an year since I went to Anguilla. 56 more words


[Movie Review] Now You See Me 2

: Now You See Me 2.

“Quite slow compared to the first one.”

Rating: 2.5/5
Story Line: 2.5/5
Magic: 3/5
Excitement: 2.5/5

For me, I would prefer the first movie. 228 more words