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JOY in spending a day at the zoo

We have been visiting this children’s zoo (which is one stop from where we live and right at the station where Pido’s office is located) from the time Adana was 1 year old. 603 more words


Sailor Moon Crystal: Crystal Yashigani

Alright, so Crystal is finishing up its first season. All I can say is: finally!

This show went from being hokey, yet charming to rushed and nonsensical. 1,000 more words


D’aimer et D’être Aimé – Detail-oriented, 291 Words

Usagi sighed in frustration, slamming her pen down on the paper and dramatically blowing the blonde bangs from her eyes. She glanced over at the man beside her, wondering if he had noticed. 264 more words

Sailor Moon Fan Fiction

Halo - I -

II →

I – Origin –

“Usagi! Wake up!” From the depths of sleep, the girl felt a delicate prodding to her side. She groaned, turning over in an attempt to crush the perpetual force that was slowly nagging her to wake. 1,302 more words

Sailor Moon Fan Fiction

Obsession - Chapter One

← Prologue

əbˈseSHən: a continual thought, concept, picture, or urge which is experienced as invasive and not proper, and results in significant fear, distress, or discomfort. 3,394 more words

Sailor Moon Fan Fiction