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Sailor Moon Super S Episodes 134 & 135

Wow, OK, so, I’m trying to do this thing where I get ahead on my watching and it’s not going super well, but hey, I… 473 more words


Week 4 - Usagi (continued)

This week was just more practice for the assessment piece, Usagi. Class this week was relatively ‘easy’ in that we just continued to practice. At first i was still making the same mistake where I would take away my left hand and be caught out when i needed to do full and half presses. 286 more words


Week 3 - Usagi

This week began with a class performance of Usagi. To out it bluntly we sucked :). However, after a few attempts the class managed to struggle towards to the end of the first page only to be surprised by a second page :/. 260 more words


Sailor Moon Super S: Episodes 130 & 131 : Power Up!

Wow, you know how I always complain about randomness and lack of focus in the early days of an arc, and that is…not a problem in  455 more words


Captured Confessions - Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

The next couple of days flew by without a hitch and Motoki watched the stats of his videos climb. With his camera constantly at his side, he was always on the lookout for something new to film. 4,190 more words

Sailor Moon Fan Fiction

Captured Confessions - Chapter One

Chapter Two →

Chapter One

The sun shone through heavy slate clouds, fighting to warm the crisp, spring air as Mamoru marched down the sidewalk of the bustling Tokyo streets, a stiff leather briefcase dangling from his hand. 2,223 more words

Sailor Moon Fan Fiction