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Japanese Phrase of the Week [JPOW] #3

Learn how to say the catchphrase that Sailor Moon uses in Japanese!

Japanese Lesson

Sailor Moon: Super S Episodes 140 & 141: Boring Filler Time

Seriously, I’m pretty bored of this stuff now. I hate Sailor Moon filler. I hate it so much.

The girls go to a fashion show. 329 more words


Super Recaps: Sailor Moon Episode 4 (Learn How to Be Skinny from Usagi)

Oh good!  I was hoping we’d run into some dated nineties story lines at some point!  We all knew we were going to reach this point eventually.  2,525 more words

Super Recaps

Captured Confessions - Chapter Four

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Chapter Four

The waking morning slowly peaked above the horizon, filtering through slatted windows to find Motoki adding the final touches to the third part of his plan. 2,639 more words

Sailor Moon Fan Fiction

Captured Confessions - Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

By the following afternoon, the sun had chased the rain away, and the Tokyo streets were once again bright and busy. 4,005 more words

Sailor Moon Fan Fiction

Pictures of the Week #6 | 01-06 September 2015

Minggu pertama bulan September telah berlalu, blog post ini saya tulis kurang lebih pukul 00.30 dini hari. Niatnya on time post di hari Minggu malam, gagal lagi di minggu ini. 292 more words