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Amusing for Amusement #2 So Much to Do. So Little Time

(So much to do… so little time.)

It’s 6:35. I’ve officially been awake for nearly 24 hours now. Haha.

Sleep deprivation is brutal on the mind. 361 more words

Musing for Amusement #1 "Tomorrow is What You Make of Today."

At times I often find myself crafting quotes that I can use in my stories. “Tomorrow is what yo make of today” is one of them. 450 more words

"Usagi" Novella Posting (Prologue and Chapters 1-3)

~11/19/2016~ (For a summary of “Usagi” follow this link:  https://deadrabbitpress.wordpress.com/usagi )

I’ve finally made up my mind and figured out how I’m going to present the first “Usagi” novella on Dead Rabbit Press.   7,741 more words


I had my Soleil @MercenaryGal put bunny ears on my friend’s Asugi, @SugaredSaizo lmao rip