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How Fast Can the Fastest Runner Run?

If I were to ask you who the fastest runner in history was, many of you may be tempted to answer Usain Bolt. There’s no doubt that Bolt is… 695 more words


Top Five: Olympic Events

It’s that time of every other year, or however often the Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, or World Cup take place, where everyone no matter what creed, color, religion, etc. 712 more words


Are the Olympics Dying?

Some of the greatest athletes in the world are gathering in South Korea this week to participate in the 23rd Winter Olympic Games. The Olympics have always been looked on as a prestigious sporting event, but is the end near for the Olympic games? 268 more words


Usain Bolt could be switching sports to join one of the biggest football clubs in Europe — and his dream is to sign with Man United

  • Usain Bolt confirmed he has a trial period with German football club Borussia Dortmund in March.
  • The former Olympic gold medal sprinter trained with a South African team on Monday to sharpen his skills ahead of the trial in Germany.
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Joseph Issa Congratulates Usain Bolt On Unprecedented Performance

Famed Ocho Rios civic leader Joe Issa has congratulated Usain Bolt on copping the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Male Athlete of The Year award, yet again. 880 more words

Joe Issa