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How to build a river in the lab

My thesis is based on experiments. A weird thing for a mathematician to say you might think, but that’s the truth. It was always planned to be experimental in nature – it even says so in the title – and that’s because it isn’t practical to go to the nearest large scale river outflow (for my work that would be the Rhine in the Netherlands) and start trying to measure things. 756 more words


Focus on your best, forget the rest

As humans we constantly strive to better ourselves. This is a very noble quest to undertake. The question you should ask yourself is to what extent. 605 more words

LeBron James to take on Michael Phelps in swim race on Mayweather vs. McGregor undercard

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Connor McGregor fight has taken some criticism for being a shameless money grab by many in the sports world. The formerly retired championship boxer Mayweather, will square off against the UFC lightweight champion Connor McGregor, on August 26th in Las Vegas. 366 more words


Usain Bolt Dipastikan Akan Hadir di Dalam Game PES 2018

Apa jadinya jika sprinter tercepat di dunia dan juara Olimpiade, Usain Bolt, tampil dan beraksi di lapangan sepak bola?

Terkenal sebagai pecinta berat judi togel online… 179 more words


Usain Bolt Gets Feature In Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PES As Bonus

Usain Bolt in PES 2018 is very real. Those folks

who still plays Pro Evolution Soccer might find

this news interesting.

Usain Bolt once said that he is considering a… 161 more words

Aqua Vita

Thirty six hours after my arrival in Genoa the weather changed from crisp sunshine to cold, wet misery, so my exploration turned to indoor options. Those options are limited at night but there’s one notable exception.  507 more words


Congratulations: Usain Bolt Wins His Final Race In Jamaica

In the final Jamaican race of his career, Bolt clocked 10.03 seconds in the 100m. He will retire in August after the World Championships in London. 12 more words