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City East - January Activity Report

Hey squad,

Hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays and have been getting far more relax time than I have! It hasn’t been a huge month for USASA work as everyone is still away from campus, but its been a big month for me moving house! 310 more words


Postgraduate - December Activity Report

The final month of activity involved several ongoing projects and continued contribution to University Council. 99 more words


International Rep - December Activity Report

November was a pretty quiet period as everyone was busy preparing assignments and exams. This month, I did not do much except congratulate the new appointed reps and handover some information to the next successor, Valarie (international student rep). 194 more words


City East - November Activity Report

Hi Everybody,

It has been a fairly quiet month for me as a student rep, as it is at the end of the year when everyone, including me, is finishing up the last bits of work and getting ready for holidays. 240 more words


Magill - December Activity Report

After another year, so does end the term of Ant the Magill Rep. The office is closed and dark, as it waits for a new year, new reps, new students to comfort and assist. 91 more words


Magill - Campus Activity Report

Hi everyone,

I hope that this final part of the university year is going smoothly! This month I have spent some time overseas in New Zealand, to attend a Cognitive Neuroscience conference. 569 more words


City West - November Activity Report

It been both a busy and a quiet month. With many student either studying for exams or finishing final assignments the number of students on campus has reduced. 108 more words