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Vority Brand Releases New Selection Of Wireless And Car Chargers For Smarphone

Different charging increased to the occasion when smart phone electric batteries drained quicker compared to expected. Various electric battery wall chargers are cordless sources of energy that could possibly be utilized to charge cell phones on the move. 280 more words

Every Day in May... EDiM 10 - 15

Handmade journal, Strathmore 500 Mixed Media paper, 7.5 in. x 15.0 in. spread.

Yes, I ate the Lindt Truffle for breakfast! (Stracciatella… vanilla cream with tiny chocolate chips… yum.)

Ink And Wash

The Advance Features Of Vority DUO34CC Dual USB Car Charger

The new Vority USB car charger size 1 inch diameter x 2.44 inches length (25 mm x 62 mm), approx. 0.78 ounce (22 grams) net weight, which makes it one of the easiest- to-carry versatile charger. 379 more words

Vority Brand Announces Innovative 6 Porti USB Wall Charger Sale

Vority Brand, a leader in the charging of gadgets, and also batteries, has revealed that they are having a sale until 31st on their 6 Port USB Wall Battery Charger . 399 more words


Embrace your Inner Couch Potato with the Couchlet USB Charger

A new device has recently surfaced on Indiegogo, and it’s already reached 172% of it’s goal.  The couchlet is a dual USB port that turns your couch or bed into a charger.   40 more words


The Perfect Multi Port USB Wall surface Charger for Your Everyday Requirements

With every little thing so fast and also instant these days, it seems like a criminal activity not to catch up. This is possibly why it could be so irritating when your phone or gadget unexpectedly runs out of electric battery while you are out with your buddies or while you are travelling vacationing. 390 more words

What Is The Power Bank 3000 USB Cellular Phone Charger?

Keeping your cellphone or smartphone charged can be quite a challenge, especially when you find yourself always on the go. Choosing a high-quality portable charger that one could take makes this task less complicated. 469 more words