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First blog post 6 Benefits of Using USB Flash Drives


USB flash drives are a highly versatile and portable solution to transfer or store computer data. A great quality is the high durability because of the lack of moving parts. 383 more words


Formatting a new extFAT USB on Fedora

I have a new 64GB USB and it was not show up at first time:

Thanks to this video I typed fdisk -l, then I was able to see 58.2 GB… 68 more words

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Strange Weather And Volcanic Bombs?

I had more dreams last night but I did not voice record them so I forgot some of the dreams, this also caused me to forget some of the two dreams that I do remember part of, and those two dreams were pretty long and detailed but now I can only remember part of each of them so important parts are missing. 1,320 more words

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Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive

Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive

To create a bootable USB flash drive

  1. Insert a USB flash drive into a running computer.

  2. Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator.

  3. 213 more words

W Stick- The Ultimate USB Flash Drive

W Stick, a wireless USB flash drive that works together with a mobile app to allow users to transfer, sync, and convert files quickly and easily between various devices. 271 more words

W Stick

W Stick- A Wireless USB Flash Drive for ALL Devices

With the evolution of technology, the smartphone technology also increased. There was a time when phones just have contacts on it, and maybe some images. The smartphone had changed the way it used to be with different apps, movies, music, pictures that need lots of space. 274 more words

W Stick

W Stick is now LIVE on INDIEGOGO

W Stick is a wireless storage drive for both smartphones and computers. W-stick’s Wireless solution makes you free to carry wire devices to share/transfer data with your friends or to any devices. 292 more words

W Stick