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this afternoon I ordered a set of straps for my fitbit…

this was rather fun because I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time… 151 more words

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Gadgets For A Mobile Lifestyle

If you are living life on the go, here are four gadgets to help you stay connected.

Power boost pens. A stylish combo of a pen that doubles as a backup battery for your phone, power boost pens come in handy in emergencies when your phone is low on battery and you need to make a phone call or send a text. 217 more words

Syed Wajeeh-ul-Hassan Naqvi

Do books have USB ports?

Imagine my surprise when I received a book in the mail.

It was heavier than my reader and had a strange smell.

I tapped at the title page repeatedly but no matter how soft or hard i tapped the page just did not turn. 118 more words


The Charger Of The Future! Bottom of Form

This is something i have yet to see anywhere on the market. A home charger that plugs in the wall with a USB port to charge your device, but then you can unplug it and it becomes an external charger on the go! 330 more words



I had this post all written out neat and tidy earlier as I was taking a shower. (I get my best ideas there.) Now it seems a bit fuzzled and stuck in a corner of my brain, not budging and I can’t seem to prod it loose.  626 more words

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How to fix a phone that won’t charge properly

Some of you may have suffered from this problem and rushed out to buy a new charger when the solution was at hand with only a tiny bit of effort and only a little bit more know how. 1,446 more words