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MSI's new motherboard is the world's most elaborate USB-C charger

MSI’s new X99A Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard is totally extreme. For extreme people only. People who like gaming hardware inspired by the look and performance implications of carbon fiber. 160 more words

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This is a no-fuss way to add USB ports to your wall outlets

It’s super convenient to have USB ports integrated into your wall outlets — it makes charging your smartphone, tablet, fitness tracker, smartwatch, or whatever as easy as plugging it into the wall. 313 more words

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Harga Perbaikan Port Usb / Socket iPhone

Kalau iPhone kamu panas kaya lagi demam saat di-cass, terus lama di-cass ga penuh-penuh, atau gak mau ngisi daya padahal udah di-cass berjam-jam. Ya jangan dipaksain, karena sesuatu yang dipaksa itu gak baik hiks :( 44 more words


The Old Man and the Geek

February 15, 2016

Oh dear readers, I have been being educated by the “Geek Squad” about buying a new computer. Our old one finally lost it’s battle with spam, malware, battery life viruses. 577 more words

to OFF pen-drive socket in your computer


Are you warring about some other gays use your PC and put pen-drive on and get your computer virus infected??

Here is the solution! 43 more words

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RedZ Technologies 3D Laser Scanner

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Designer: RedZ Technologies

Categories: Technology

Year: Present-2020

RedZ Technologies 3D Laser Scanner

RedZ Technologies 3D Laser Scanner

RedZ Technologies 3D Laser Scanner… 106 more words


What is USB port???

Universal Serial Bus(USB) is a standard cable which connects our computer or laptop to electronic device like pen drive or mobile devices. USB transfer electric power between cable to devices without utilizing the original power source of that devices. 159 more words

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