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Do books have USB ports?

Imagine my surprise when I received a book in the mail.

It was heavier than my reader and had a strange smell.

I tapped at the title page repeatedly but no matter how soft or hard i tapped the page just did not turn. 118 more words


The Charger Of The Future! Bottom of Form

This is something i have yet to see anywhere on the market. A home charger that plugs in the wall with a USB port to charge your device, but then you can unplug it and it becomes an external charger on the go! 330 more words



I had this post all written out neat and tidy earlier as I was taking a shower. (I get my best ideas there.) Now it seems a bit fuzzled and stuck in a corner of my brain, not budging and I can’t seem to prod it loose.  627 more words

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How to fix a phone that won’t charge properly

Some of you may have suffered from this problem and rushed out to buy a new charger when the solution was at hand with only a tiny bit of effort and only a little bit more know how. 1,446 more words


First I got up at 6:30

Then, I got up at 6:30…

Finally I got up at 6:30…

It was about then that I realised there was something wrong.

The thing that made me suspicious about the time was the clink of glass as the recycling truck passed and collected my recyclables. 414 more words


"Huback" Your Next Must-Have, 'Where Has This Been All My Life' iMac Accessory From Ozaki

If you are like us, you love your iMac, you can’t live without it and the thought of being separated from it sends a chill down your spine.   103 more words