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OTG Cable- Top 15 Uses you might not know

If you’re a tech geek, this will be like best feature to have on your mobile phone, and you can make your cell phone work like PC or computer you can even attach USB mouse, keyboard and many more things to your device. 1,226 more words


Here's A Good Retro Controller For PC Gaming

(Source: kotaku.com)

Many cheap retro controllers look the part, but fall down when it comes down to build quality. Thankfully the iBuffalo classic USB gamepad doesn’t succumb to these issues. 141 more words


Trending Tech: USB-C

In 2012, Apple released the iPhone 5. This new iPhone was revolutionary for its time, featuring a gigantic 4-inch screen and a 8 megapixel camera. 663 more words


Raspberry Pi: KMTronic One Relay vs. Phidgets Interface Kit

the comparison between the two relay boards may be a bit unfair, because the Phidgets offering is a series of sensors, motors, relays, displays and other stuff which are all handled by the same sophisticated driver library, whereas the… 511 more words