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USC Song Girls Swim With Mike - 2015

There was a time on the Internet when the USC Song Girls at the Swim With Mike event would be posted on 40 different sites on the Monday after the big day. 148 more words


USC Song Girls Close Regular Season With Strong Performance Against Notre Dame

So USC couldn’t beat UCLA in football this year and will be playing in the Whatever Bowl, no big deal. The most important thing they have going for them is their safety net—the USC Song Girls. 128 more words


Watch the USC Song Girls explain the most complicated penalties in football


Football rules can be complicated. What does it mean when a receiver is ineligible because he’s covered up? And WHY are receivers downfield ineligible? Fortunately, the USC Song Girls are here to explain everything. 14 more words


USC Song Girls Do Their Thing At Stanford

There is a cheerleading department that the USC Song Girls still dominate over the Oregon cheerleaders. The Song Girls have an official photographer and Oregon doesn’t (that we know of). 95 more words


USC Song Girls Make 2014 Debut

The USC Song Girls, coming off a strong summer where they turned in a solid trip to Tahoe, made their 2014 debut on Saturday against Fresno State. 140 more words


USC Song Girls Do The Ice Bucket Challenge, Jump In Pool

I haven’t really been impressed enough by the Ice Bucket Challenge videos to post one…until tonight. The USC Song Girls, starting to get interesting again, went big today with their soaking by jumping into the USC campus pool after their soaking. 95 more words


USC Song Girls Got Soaked In Lake Tahoe -- 2014 Edition

The 2014 college football season can officially begin. The USC Song Girls were officially baptized in the waters of Lake Tahoe over the weekend at the annual USC band weekend event that BC has been covering since 2008 or so. 87 more words