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GM of ‘The Greatest Stadium in the World,’ Joe Furin, Visits UCLA

On Monday, July 16, the General Manager of the LA Coliseum, Mr. Joe Furin, visited the Sports Business class at the UCLA Anderson Center for Managing the Enterprise in Media, Entertainment and Sports (MEMES).  312 more words

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Rotten Bananas at T-Coop Starbucks

Although this photo was taken on April 24, the Starbucks in Thomas Cooper Library spent at least three months selling fruit in this condition. Continued questions about the storage conditions were met with no response, which leads to this warning. 91 more words


VOILÀ Talks Their Lyric Obsession and Songwriting Process with Latest Release 'Anyway'

Comprising of lead vocals Gus and primary lyricist Luke, VOILÀ is a dynamic and refreshing pop group that is positioned for mainstream breakout. With an ambitious attitude and undeniable charm, the promising young act first combined Luke’s tenacity for songwriting and Ross’ love for production when they met as undergrads at USC. 919 more words

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You Tried me: Now I’m the Bad Guy? Pt. II -- Let the Games Begin

After the four people left to go get some food, Jalena and I went back home and left the mess for their asses to clean up, since ol’ girl wanted to give orders like she lived there. 2,100 more words

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How to Choose a College

Choosing a college = deciding your future. The college you attend determines what environment you live in, who you surround yourself with, and the opportunities you take advantage of. 766 more words


You Tried me: Now I'm the Bad Guy?

Naturally, I’m a very nice person. There isn’t a soul in this world that doesn’t like me. Either you love me or you pretend that you don’t. 1,638 more words

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