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The Truth Does Not Change

I wish I knew where this reflection on this Sunday’s gospel came from in order to give credit to whomever wrote it. I’m going to assume, since I found it in my church’s bulletin, that it came from the USCCB. 417 more words


Fear or Love & My Trip to the 2012 Iowa Republican Caucus

On the eve of the much anticipated (and hyped) 2016 Iowa Caucus, I’ve been thinking about how I got the once-in-a-lifetime (for a non-Iowan and non-politico) chance to witness the Iowa Caucus the last go-round in 2012.   1,004 more words


'Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...'

‘Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you…’

World leadership has gone to hell. Clown princes of progressivism have replaced princes of honor, and jokers of the cult-of-personality have replaced Presidents and Popes and people of historically significant virtue. 617 more words


Florida: Refugee contractors squabble over government boodle

I have to admit this is some great reporting at the Huffington Post.

It adds considerable detail to a dispute we knew a little about, but more importantly it is a window into the ‘souls’ of the ‘humanitarian’ refugee contractors. 715 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

First three months of FY2016: 99% of Syrians entering US are Muslims

Just a quick update on where we are with Obama’s promised 10,000 Syrians to be admitted to the US in FY 2016.  They are off to a slow start diversifying your towns and expanding the Democrat voter base, that is for sure. 215 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Law and Grace

In St. Matthew’s Gospel, we see Jesus commanding his Apostles to go out and make disciples, throughout the world. They were to grant citizenship in this Kingdom established when Jesus himself was baptized, anointed, as its King. 7,983 more words

Lectionary Gospel - The Feast of the Epiphany - January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

I planned to post more frequently during our Christmas Break, but that did not come to pass. I had an enjoyable couple of weeks reading, sleeping in, getting my 10,000+ steps a day on my new Fitbit, and generally relaxing. 72 more words