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I have been blogging about companies replacing American tech workers with  immigrants who have the H-1B visa, at much lower salaries. Organizations resort to this tactic to improve their bottom line in order to please their shareholders, Wall Street, investors and business news pundits. 939 more words


March 2016 Visa Bulletin Released

The Department of State released the March, 2016 visa bulletin earlier today.  Below I will go through both the family and employment based backlogs.  After reviewing the current backlogs I will discuss the projections by the DOS for further movement. 551 more words


After having started on this series of blogs about the H-1B visas, I became curious about how grievous were the abuses regarding these visas. After-all, here is a program being utilized by businesses to improve their bottom line with the practice of replacing American employees with foreigners at much lower wages. 1,185 more words


Is your H-1B renewal taking forever to get approved? You are not alone.

While we can point to many examples of USCIS process times lengthening significantly in the past year, perhaps one of the hardest to understand is that for H-1B renewals.   381 more words


K1 Visa: What you need to remember

I entered the U.S. under a K1 visa. Basically, K1 is the “formal” term for a fiancée/fiancé visa. It was not an easy journey. From coming to terms with the reality that I will leave my family in the Philippines forever to settling down, I encountered a lot of challenges. 452 more words


How to Remove Conditions on Your Green Card after Divorce

If you adjusted your status based on a marriage to a U.S. citizen before your two year marriage anniversary, then your green card came with certain conditions. 874 more words

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USCIS, EAD Cards and Adjustment Interviews

When you go in to USCIS to be interviewed for your I-485 application, it has been the practice for USCIS to take your EAD card at that time.   320 more words