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IT security market up 9% in Q3 to USD 8 bln - study

The worldwide IT security market maintained momentum in Q3, growing 9 percent to reach USD 8.0 billion fueled by rising cyber-security threats, according to the latest Canalys estimates. 218 more words


Coach McElvain explains the process of how to choose the right school for you

Sometimes, schools come calling for softball players, providing a ready-made list of choices.  But very often, players have to go out and find the right school for them.   64 more words

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Alabama Election Result to a Bullish Dollar?

First of all, I’m not an American citizen or a Forex trader. I’m just a Netizen who wants to share that there’s a change of USD after they announced that Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate Election. 30 more words


Deja Vu..........FOMC.........BOE....?

As it happened last month with the BOE, market decided to sell off the GBP when BOE announced the rate hike………….the classic rally on rumours and sell on fact. 127 more words


Bitcoin futures

#Bitcoin Bitcoin futures surge past $28,000, while the cryptocurrency itself rises toward $17,000 The Best Stock analysis of BITCOIN S&P 500 and Blue chip Stocks world top Currency pair & COMEX COMMODITY first 5 days we provide free trail on whatsapp ,for more info go… 11 more words


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Duterte's Philippines Economy Beats China's

(Source: www.forbes.com)

President Rodrigo Duterte may receive poor marks for his human rights record, but he’s doing really well when it comes to the economy, which beats China’s. 245 more words

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