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07/07/2015 - Currencies Fall - Market Wrap Up

EUR/USD lower at 1.0931, GBP/USD lower at 1.5435 and AUD/USD lower at 0.7428.

Market Wrap Up

MEG prices in Asia slump

MEG prices plunged in Asia on Monday. Dull regional buying interest, sluggish downstream product demand sentiments coupled with the fall in upstream ethylene values, together pushed prices lower across the Asian region. 109 more words

Toluene prices drift lower in Asia

Toluene prices in Asia drifted lower on Monday. Prices fell as buying trends weakened in major markets like China coupled with a sharp fall in upstream energy rates. 100 more words

EUR/USD Climbs Back From Low

The EUR/USD pair hit a low of 1.0970 when the markets opened this morning, after the result of the Greek referendum. However, there has now been a recovery and the pair stands just short of 1.1100. 39 more words

Greferendum Affects EUR Crosses And USD Pairs

The result of the Greek referendum has had an effect USD pairs and EUR crosses, as might well have been expected. In the cases of EUR/JPY and EUR/GBP there could be chances to sell the euro as the gaps at the opening begin to close. 32 more words

06/07/2015 - Greece Votes 'NO' - Market Wrap Up

Greece voted ‘No’ on the terms of Austerity, EUR/USD opened up for the week around 100 points lower than last weeks close. EUR/USD lower currently at 1.1030, GBP/USD lower at 1.5550 and AUD/USD at 0.7504.

Market Wrap Up