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Bring on the eggs!

Dietary cholesterol limits should be abandoned and vegetarian and Mediterranean diets recommended, according to an advisory committee report that will shape the nation’s dietary guidelines.

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The Fight for Living Wages

Welcome back to the LocalHarvest newsletter.

I need to preface this discussion by pointing out my – and LocalHarvest’s – longstanding commitment to social justice, fair trade, and living wages. 1,212 more words


A Fresh Take on Grab & Go Greens

You’ve probably seen the mason jar salads that have taken over Pinterest recently. Well, we couldn’t resist adapting those gorgeous layers of veggies, meats and toppings into something that would work for schools. 519 more words

Foothill Farms

Bee Colony Health, 30 New Sawflies, USDA Releases Russian Wasps

Bee Colony Health, 30 New Sawflies, USDA Releases Russian Wasps Charles Osborne Owner-operator, Entomologist at Osborne Pest Management Ltd. Colorado Springs Co. The Grounds Guys @GroundsGuysCA. 120 more words

5 foods that may increase your cancer risk

If you feel like the odds of getting cancer are higher than those of avoiding it, you’re not alone. Headlines thrive on words and phrases like “carcinogenic,” “cancer-causing,” and “prevents cancer,” and it’s because the affliction is (and has been) taking our country by storm. 618 more words


Has your steak been mechanically tenderized? If so, eating it rare or medium-rare can pose health risks


You probably don’t realize it, but steaks and other cuts of beef that you buy in grocery stores or restaurants may have been run through a machine that punctures them with blades or needles to tenderize them. 1,070 more words


America’s First Certified Organic Fast Food Chain Is Here — and It Pays $16 an Hour

By Carey Wedler | The Anti Media As fast food chains like Jack in the Box and McDonald’s fight to stay afloat, a new fast food chain is challenging fundamental norms within the industry. 26 more words

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