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School kids tossing healthy lunch options

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – The United States may be trying to go green, but getting kids to eat green is still a struggle. One local school isn’t having any problems though – having incorporated healthy options into its menu for years. 245 more words


Sage Grouse Initiative 2.0, Investment Strategy, FY2015-2018

SGI 2.0 will build on successful public and private conservation efforts made since 2010 to improve sage grouse habitat.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced a new four-year strategy that will invest approximately $211 million through 2018 in conservation efforts to benefit the greater sage-grouse. 56 more words


USDA: Baking Birds Alive is NOT Humane!

A bird flu outbreak has affected flocks of poultry in Iowa and other states. The USDA is recommending a cruel solution to the problem: shutting off ventilation to heat up farm houses, baking the birds to their death.

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Living Treasures Animal Park Official Speaks Out About Violations From USDA

DONEGAL TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A local animal park has been hit with several violations from the USDA.

For Tom Guiher, caring for animals is a family affair. 298 more words


[USDA Beef Grades] What’s Your Beef – Prime, Choice or Select?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has certain grades to help consumers differentiate between different quality beef.

Two simple infographics set about explaining the different USDA grades for beef and exactly what each one means, giving suggestion to cook them perfectly. 59 more words


Farm-to-table & Food Deserts: Ag Committee conducts first meeting of the year

The Interim Study Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources met on Tuesday to discuss a growing number of issues related to the way Indiana’s farming, food safety, and dining cultures work together. 339 more words


Packing a lunch for daycare

We have recently been having problems with daycare over Gevevieve’s diet.  I will go into that situation in another blog, but here I wanted to show off her new lunch box and explain what I sent today. 407 more words