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For Decades, the USDA Was Black Farmers’ Worst Enemy....And for most of them, things haven't changed

By, Marti Oakley

**Note: The article from “YES” magazine, referred to in this article, was dated July 6, 2016. Just two days before farmers from 18 states protested the USDA and its discriminatory practices in front of the Supreme Court. 1,213 more words

Marti Oakley

Refugees Get Government Grants to Learn How to be Farmers

By Elizabeth Harrington, 8-25-16 at Free Beacon:

Did you ever want to learn how to farm and raise your own crops? Thanks to government grants, leased or free land and the help of some do-gooder organizations, now you can – if you quality, that is. 737 more words


Green Bay brand Beef Brain Recall [US]

US/Washington: Green Bay Dressed Beef recalls an estimated approximately 7,420 pounds of Beef Brain Products due to suspected Specified Risk Materials (“SRM”) contamination, a serious health hazard. 335 more words

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Government Cheese

There’s a cheese glut in America. Cheese inventories are higher than they’re been in over 30 years, while families go hungry. Even a third of those on food stamps need to visit… 168 more words


Lesbian Farmers

Shame on all y’all out there being paid to become farmers so you can “bust up one of the last geographically conservative regions in the U.S.” :P Gods this man is truly insane. 202 more words

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Fourth Crumb: USDA is buying all.the.[surplus] cheese. And I'm not happy.

After nearly 12 whole weeks of living out of our car and visiting families, friends and some Air B&Bs, Greg and I FINALLY move into our new (permanent!) apartment next Friday. 1,108 more words


The U.S. Government Is About to Buy 11 Million Pounds of Cheese

The U.S. government is about to take care of America’s massive cheese problem.

The USDA is buying 11 million pounds—$20 million worth—of cheese to combat a 3o-year high cheese surplus which has led to a stalled marketplace and a 35% drop in revenues for dairy producers. 300 more words