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Calculating square root using Newton's iterative method

I suddenly had a desire to calculate square roots. It’s been one of those things that just sits at the back of my mind lingering. I knew roughly that an iterative method is probably used, but I finally decided to actually write the code. 918 more words


Send: A New Office 365 Email App

Use-case refinement to render search easier.  Use send for “bursty” fleeting communications and Outlook/Exchange for more substantive/deliberate email so that when searching for the important stuff, results aren’t cluttered by the minor stuff.

Office 365

Requirements Analysis - Getting Started Guide

Even though Decision Driven® Solutions emphasizes the central role of decisions in the product development process, we fully support Requirements Management best practices within our Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) tool suite. 102 more words

Decision Driven Product Development

Creating storyboards and use cases

Well after our little meeting with Todd we came up with a good list of things to do. On this list was to create storyboards and use case diagrams. 541 more words


Puppet and Ansible… you’re being weighed, Part 2

Okay this is a follow up on my other post.

Wow, okay both configuration management tools do roughly the same type of thing, but I think they are geared for types users. 1,455 more words


Use Cases vs. User Stories in an Agile World

When applying agile development processes, are user stories superior to use cases? The article Use Cases in an Agile World states that they serve different purposes but none is better than the other. 45 more words


Puppet and Ansible... you're being weighed, Part 1

I have been hearing a lot of buzz around Puppet and Ansible for some time. Many many moons ago I tinkered with Puppet and did the little tutorials online but never really had a reason to go much deeper. 374 more words