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Debugging by binary searching through code revisions

What do you do when all normal debugging means fail? You can reproduce a bug, but the debugger just doesn’t seem to pinpoint it. Print statements have helped narrow it down, but it doesn’t make sense. 718 more words


A swipingly good time with edge gestures

I’ve been working a lot lately on gestures and am currently working on a swipe-in panel class. Mostly we take these controls and behaviours for granted. 738 more words


User story, use case, test case - difference

User stories – description of the goals that should be achieve by specific action. As a I want to so that No details are needed ; ) 86 more words


Advanced Snipping for the Pros

If you’ve got the basics down, then it’s time to take your Snip game to the next level! For most users, Sniply revolves around the call-to-action, but today we’ll go over what awaits beyond the CTA. 337 more words


How to draw a use case diagram - Complete guide

Use Cases are an important requirement technique that have been widely used in modern software engineering since their formal introduction by Ivar Jacobson in 1992. by today it is getting more interesting thing for the documentation of software application.Use case provide clear pre knowledge about the System that we are looking. 658 more words


Leave a Dynotag Emergency Contact Info Tag with your Babysitter!

How many things do you think about each time you walk out of the door and leave your child behind with the babysitter? Every bad situation races through your head. 540 more words

Use Case

Measuring finger / mouse velocity at release time

Any interface involving touch will inevitably need to know how fast the user is moving their finger. They touch the screen, drag their finger, release and expect motion to continue at that velocity. 1,114 more words