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Adam Morris

Week 1 showed a lot of progress on the project. I worked with Andy to determine an economical way to surface mount our printed circuit boards. 675 more words

Week 1

How I used AI for recruiting

Early January, Julie Desk published 7 job offers (Data Scientist, Developers, Sales, Marketing, Operation, Etc). One of our Job offer (Marketing Manager) received more than a hundred applications in 2 days! 404 more words


reverse engineering

Beberapa minggu ini saya sedang mengerjakan project reverse engineering untuk sebuah aplikasi dengan proses bisnis yang cukup rumit. Tanpa pengalaman sebelumnya tentang proses bisnis tersebut, fakta bahwa saya tidak ikut project tersebut dari awal dan tidak ada-nya dokumen proses bisnis, saya memutuskan untuk mengerjakan reverse engineering tersebut dengan metode… 1,097 more words


The trouble with `floor` and `ceil`

floor and ceil have the bad habit of producing unexpected results. They aren’t broken, but in light of floating point nasties can often result in a number that’s ±1 of the desired result. 723 more words


How to write use cases

Source: UML Distilled, Third Edition by Martin Fowler (Chapter 9: Use Cases)

Use cases are a technique for capturing the functional requirements of a system. Use cases work by describing the typical interactions between the users of a system and the system itself. 339 more words

Martin Fowler

Implementing a Swipe gesture

I recently implemented a swipe gesture for Fuse. The gesture recognition itself, though complex, was not hard to implement; I had most of the needed pieces already. 948 more words


Use Case: Spring Security - Login Failure & Logout Succes Handlers

I want to show you how to make Custom Login Failure Handler & Custom Logout Succes Handler with Spring Security Java Config by extending WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter.class 235 more words

Spring Security