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Use Case : The Growers

Hello All!

We wanted to take some time this week to explain to you how everyone in the cannabis industry, from growers, to dispensaries and their patients can use and benefit from Seshat hardware and online platform. 535 more words

Use Case

Introduction to User Stories

Writing User Stories: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think
Actually Posted by Dave Todaro

Years ago I would spend weeks on end writing highly detailed software requirements specifications. 1,579 more words


Debugging a synchronous callback in loop defect

A bug snuck by me while adding a new feature to Each: a behaviour in Fuse that dynamically adds UI elements. I had to change a lot of the code, so I was diligent in adding a heap of new tests. 922 more words


Essential UML diagrams in software specification

UML notation allows you to use a lot of diagrams that help you to prepare a complete software specification. After several years and projects working as a business analyst I want to point out those diagrams that I think are necessary and sufficent.  431 more words

Activity Diagram

Investigating Real-World Data with Time Series

In this blog post, the second one in our six post series on Time Series, we will bring the power of Time Series to a specific example. 680 more words


Engine development of Great Wall has established an efficient test process

Great Wall Motor Company Limited is the largest manufacturer of SUVs and pick-up trucks in China. The company develops all the essential components of its vehicles by itself. 388 more words


Embedding a text file in C++ code (with Scons)

I needed a way to embed a text file in my C++ code. I recently introduced Leaf code into the Leaf compiler and didn’t want to depend on a file dependency at runtime. 578 more words