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Buckfast 1 and Cortex All-in-one Package

When you use TheHive, running an analyzer on an observable through Cortex will generate a long report and, in most cases, a short report as well. 493 more words


A game of what'd they press? Hit testing in a 2d/3d layout

A simple tap of the screen invokes a staggering amount of calculations. That screen is actually big tree of UI elements, and we need to navigate it quickly to find the right one. 1,198 more words


Automation of complex planning tasks in the test field

It is increasingly difficult for test field managers to meet the requirements of customers on a flexible and timely execution of tests and at the same time to achieve a high utilization of cost-intensive test resources. 490 more words

Use Case

Backbone system for the global management of test orders

On behalf of a leading automotive supplier, Peak Solution has implemented the first stage of a global backbone system for managing test orders. The company is testing security systems at several sites in Europe, America and Asia. 611 more words

Use Case

Hijacking existing email threads: taking phishing to a new level

Phishing e-mails is the most common way for a hacker to breach the initial attack surface. Filters and blacklisting technologies have been less than effective in stopping such threats, and it is up to the… 468 more words


CRESCYNT Toolbox: Workflows as Collaboration Space and Workbench Blueprint

Scientists need better ways to analyze and integrate their data and collaborate with other scientists; new computing technologies and tools can help with this. However, it’s difficult to overcome the challenge of disparate perspectives and the absence of a common vocabulary: this is true of multidisciplinary science teams, and true when scientists try to talk with computer scientists. 234 more words


How to ensure your IoT project succeeds – The 7 critical factors you need to get right

Note: This blog is intended to be a part of a set of reference materials. It consists of this introductory post with each of the seven sections below linking to another blog that will be released over the coming few weeks. 572 more words

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