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V-AGILE SIG 5 – Use Case Modelling

After a break over Christmas the V-Agile SIG meetings got back up and running on Wednesday with a trip back in time to look at Ivar Jacobson’s Use Cases, and to revisit what seems to be a consistent theme; the lost arts of development. 129 more words


Benefits of An Emergency Contact Info Pendant

Caring for a loved one – or yourself – with a serious medical condition can be a stressful thing.  If a seizure hits, or there is a slip and fall, it can be hard to know what to do to help. 640 more words

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Use Cases, User Stories & The Lost Generation

Place yourself back in the early 1990’s. Object orientation was the next silver bullet. The data driven v’s behaviour driven war was in full rage. The original gang of four had not yet come together. 542 more words


Add "Magic" To Your Business

What is Magic?

Magic is a new service that has been getting a lot of attention recently and we at Sonar absolutely love the concept.  643 more words


How Skycatch Accelerates Construction

It’s not about the drones

Skycatch began when our Founder & CEO walked onto a construction site with his own drone and started snapping pictures. From day one, the workers’ interest in the drone was quickly overshadowed by their interest in the data that the drone could provide. 566 more words

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The Use Case For Use Cases - How To Start Em

Let’s face it, up to now you’ve thought that UML is stupid. Every time you try to represent something in UML you either can’t make it do what you want, or you end up creating a masterpiece that no-one else can understand. 763 more words


Moving / unpacking made easier with dynotags!

Moving can be a hassle. Packing all those boxes, labeling them, then moving them into your new place or into storage is very time consuming and confusing. 405 more words

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