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STILL the best introduction to Bitcoin there is ...

I must have watched literally hundreds of videos online about Bitcoin and other currencies over the last couple of years. Some are by well meaning amateurs from their bedrooms, some are just slick marketing spiel and some are downright misleading at best, or actually untrue at worst. 235 more words


The Case for Crytos - Part 1

Left unchecked, I have a habit of becoming a ‘Bitcoin Bore’ on this subject, and as it’s such an enormous area, there’s a lot to discuss. 1,291 more words


Adwords Pilot, Solution Prédictive : Etude de Cas Frank and Oak

Pricing Assistant à le plaisir de partager avec vous sa dernière étude de cas en infographie sur son produits Adwords Pilot – Solution Prédictive.

Un grand merci à Frank and Oak pour sa participation ! 412 more words

Pricing Assistant

Track Twitter Sentiment with BigML Zapier Integrations

Recently, perhaps the biggest news in tech was the acquisition of GitHub, the version control software company, by Microsoft for $7.5 billion USD. The move will almost certainly impact the workflow of developers and engineers, as GitHub enjoys widespread usage in the standard tech stacks of software development teams from small to large companies. 1,163 more words


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How I use `variant` in the Leaf compiler

Variants are data types that can store different types of values in them, as opposed to one fixed type. In contrast to a generic object… 851 more words


Requirements Modelling

Functional Decomposition:

This is the process of breaking down the processes associated with performing a task into the smallest, most concise, points possible. This is so you can see exactly what needs to be done in exactly what order.   515 more words