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Use Case - Leave Calendar

Several departments in our division decided to implement a leave calendar for their areas. Some decided to use it as a “notification” calendar, where people post their personal time off without the need for approvals, where as some areas wanted to include an approval work flow for their leave calendars. 155 more words

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Use Case - Marketing Department

In meeting with a number of departments, I see some basic interest in this new platform, some healthy skepticism, and mostly just an overall question of… 407 more words

Use Cases

Make a bar-chart from a CSV in Python

Test Case was implemented in Python 3.6.5 running on a Ubuntu Linux 18.04 64-bit virtual machine. In order to carry out this test-case you will need to create an account in plot.ly and create the credentials file on the host you will be running Python from. 282 more words

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DHL's Healthcare Shipments

DHL, the international logistics giant, is working with Accenture to implement blockchain for tracking shipments of healthcare products, especially pharmaceuticals, for which tampering prevention and precise origin-to-consumer tracking are especially important. Read more here.

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Use Case - Communications

Since I had experience with SharePoint in my previous educational environment, I was asked to be one of the SharePoint Coordinators for our team. I knew that SharePoint could be a helpful tool for us, but it does have somewhat of a steep learning curve. 175 more words

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Use an online spreadsheet to feed data to R

Instead of creating the data frame programmatically, why not use an existing spreadsheet, available online. A simple HTTP file server, free and Open Source is HFS: … 248 more words

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R Language - from nothing to a plot of your own data

What is R?

R is a procedural programming language, with built in statistical functions and the ability to generate graphical plots of data

Let’s install some software (all software below is Open Source License) 595 more words

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