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BGP Security - how Big-data can help detect attacks


On the 26th of April, 2017, a ‘prefix hijacking’ event occurred that affected a number of financial services companies around the world. The impact of the event was such that traffic was in part, diverted and directed to another network that claimed to be the owner of the IPv4 address space. 641 more words

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An analytics-based approach to service assurance: Part 1 - What's the problem?

Service assurance is not something that is well defined within the industry.  So what is it that we are trying to achieve with service assurance?  Simply put: 422 more words

Use Cases

SOC Mistake #7: On Use Cases, You Model Your Defences, Not Your Attackers

Use Cases – these are simply the most misunderstood subject around both security operations and Security Information & Event Management (SIEM).

SIEM is one of the most mis-sold and mis-brought items of information security technology.   1,277 more words

Working With Time-series Data in PNDA

In a previous post I talked about integrating OpenDaylight with PNDA. In this post I will start to make use of the data coming from OpenDaylight by building a Spark streaming application to create time-series datasets. 545 more words

Use Cases

Discovering Use Cases for the Platform

-Based on Salesforce Trailheads-

When you’re thinking about what to build on the platform, start with use cases that have the highest impact and the lowest effort. 75 more words


ML-based Security Analytics with Apache SPOT on PNDA

We’ve been really excited to work with the Apache SPOT team to get SPOT up and running on PNDA in recent weeks.

Apache SPOT is an award-winning open source cyber security application which detects potentially malicious activity by identifying suspicious network connections, through analysing large amounts of NetFlow, DNS, and proxy data.  68 more words

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