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Win Analysis and Case Studies

Win Analysis and Case Studies are popular collateral vehicles for B2B marketers. They both are important to demonstrate credibility and scale your success. However these content types are to be used in different contexts. 107 more words

Content Blueprint

VMware NSX: 3 different use cases - TechRepublic

VMware NSX: 3 different use cases – TechRepublic

VMware NSX: 3 different use cases – TechRepublic

VMware’s NSX is one of the most-popular options for network virtualization. 16 more words


2017 Guide for Deep Learning Business Applications

@tachyeonz : We are witnessing a historic moment for technology advancement. Today we can pull together the best hardware, affordable infrastructure and vast amounts of data to fundamentally transform the way we conduct business. 32 more words


How to Tell If Machine Learning Can Solve Your Business Problem

@tachyeonz : “AI,” “big data,” and “machine learning” are all trending buzzwords, and you might be curious about how they apply to your domain. You might even have startups beating down your door, pitching you their new “AI-powered” product. 22 more words


Why Python? In less than 60 seconds!

@tachyeonz : If you have to choose one language to learn today, choose Python! Why? Let’s see! All the major companies today are using Python. It’s the most taught language in the world currently and there’s a good reason for it. 19 more words


Analytics with Microsoft Azure

For every day that passes, more devices come online, more applications are deployed and more data sources are spun up. There has never been a time in our history when data is so freely available, so widely used, so varied, so fast and so damn big. 1,153 more words


Disaster Recovery with VMware SRM and vSphere Replication

I gave this presentation on Disaster Recovery (DR) with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and vSphere Replication in the Rackspace booth at VMworld USA 2016. 109 more words