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Introducing DMN to Business Analysts in 15 Minutes

Last year BBC-2017 organizers gave me 20 minutes to introduce DMN to business analysts at the “Technology Theater” – an open space in the Expo hall. 777 more words


Decision Model for Sales Order Promotions

DMCommunity.org Jan-2018 Challenge is looking for a decision model that can define promotions for different sales orders. It provides a simple example of promotion: reduce the total cost of the order by $3.50 if it contains at least 5 items 1108 and 4 item 2639. 1,292 more words


How to get superior employee experience: AI, robotic process automation can help reach desired goal

HR function traditionally has been geared to create and implement HR policies aimed at smooth functioning of the business with a long-term perspective. As a result, all its activities around HR administration, training, recruitment and other employee life cycle are mostly designed for steady-state business. 626 more words

Robotic Process Automation

2 Simple use cases for Predictive Analytics in Retail supply chain

In any retail company-online or offline, efficiency is the key factor. Time and labour intensive processes like picking, packing, shipping , Inventory management are crucial in order execution. 294 more words


Beyond Nurse Call: A Six-Part Series About How RTLS is Revolutionizing Traditional Caregiver Interactions (Part 2 of 6)

Nurse call management software has become increasingly sophisticated enabling modern nurse call systems, which were previously manual, to become fully automated through an array of advanced applications. 163 more words

Indoor Positioning

Where dimension enriches analytics

Location intelligence as a data and visualization in your analytics is very powerful tool in many cases. Where information in text and numeric format are used traditionally in e.g. 323 more words

Data visualization playbook: Determining the right level of detail

One of the most important steps for creating data visualizations is selecting which aspects, features or dimensions of the data to present—in other words, letting the data dictate the visualization. 878 more words

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