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Calculating Aggregated Values for Collections of Business Objects

The latest DMCommunity.org Challenge “Classify Department Employees” deals with calculation of aggregated values for arrays of business objects such as Employees. Below I describe an OpenRules solution for this challenge. 857 more words


Offers on route

List all bids that are in the space between the given waypoints. 436 more words

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Multiple body types

While adding new load offer I would like to add one offer for multiple possible body types instead of adding separate offers for each body type. 757 more words

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GPS coordinates in transport offers

Simply adding an offer through the API, without specifying the coordinates, will not assign to the offer. Coordinate fields can be manually added and validation is not validated. 257 more words

Use Cases

Inspiring Use Cases of Video in Business

Make employee onboarding a rewarding process

Use video and stop repeating yourself every time a new employee is recruited. The benefits of a curated playlist of short videos outlining benefits, company policies, and procedures is twofold. 50 more words

Video Platform

Decorating a high velocity event stream with contextual information - on PNDA

How to contextualise streaming events with PNDA

Often, to do meaningful analytics on data you need to decorate an input event stream with additional information looked up from another data store. 1,115 more words

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