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Querylog-based Assessment of Retrievability Bias in Delpher

On March 17, we were invited by the National Library of the Netherlands to present the results of our study on retrievability bias in the Dutch historic newspaper archive. 237 more words


More on Big Data and its Uses

What is Big-Data?

In short, big-data is the result of the recorded activity on internet in our digital-age. It’s the growing pile of stored information that the average-person doesn’t think much about. 901 more words


Big Data's realistic uses

The term ‘Big Data’ is a massive buzzword at the moment and many say big data is all talk and no action. However, there are some areas where big data is already making a real difference today. 1,177 more words


Using Machine Learning to Predict Customer Behaviour

For a service provider, being able to anticipate its customer’s behaviour has three major benefits. It can generate customer delight, prevent customer exhaustion, and improve the company’s ROI. 1,287 more words

Machine Learning

Decision Models: Finding Alternative and Optimal Decisions

People frequently assume that a good, consistent decision model should produce one and only one decision (solution) for any valid input. However, in real-world applications we frequently deal with situations when a decision model may produce multiple feasible solutions for the same input. 709 more words

Decision Management

What you get for free with blockchains

Over the past year I have come across many blockchain ‘proof of concepts’, that take existing business ideas or challenges and apply a specific technical design (blockchains) to the solution. 1,728 more words