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15 Things Everyone Needs To Know When Working With Teens

When working with youth, it doesn’t matter how dynamic, well-prepared, or up-to-date you are with youth culture (it doesn’t hurt); the most important thing is building positive relationships. 2,017 more words

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Governance Delivered - By 140 characters!!!

“EPFO plans to hire social media agency”

This news bit resembling a 140 character tweet appearing somewhere in a corner in today’s Indian Express… 1,108 more words


What is your promise?

Do you know that if people buy from you it is not because of what you provide. But it is because of what you promise. 312 more words

Personal Branding

Personal vs personalised

Do you know the difference between personal and personalized? Yes, of course. But have you noticed how it is applied in the email ads you received ever day? 237 more words

Personal Branding

How to create social proof?

It can be very frustrating when trying hard to post good content and regular posts on your blog and to not see the number of followers increasing as fast as expected. 337 more words

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Associate with other strong brands

You have now wrote some posts and articles, updated all your profiles on your social networks and you remain active on those. You created a style and identity on the digital canvas and you wonder how to continue to grow. 213 more words

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What is the emotion of your brand?

The Oxford dictionary defines “emotion” as “a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others”.

Why is it important to generate strong emotions in your story and tagline? 219 more words
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