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Should Employers Encourage Social Media Use in the Workplace?

When it comes to the subject of technology in the workplace, there are many different topics that employers have to address. One of those topics is the whether or not to encourage social media use. 373 more words

A Social Crisis

When did the use of social media become a platform to air our disagreements and to bully our opposites into a state of discompose?

That is the question I ask, as I scroll through hurtful comments and blindly offensive photos. 142 more words



By Paul M. Lewis

In case you may be unfamiliar with the term, a Luddite is someone who is resistant to new technology, a definition that could all too well be applied to me over the years, especially when it comes to the latest forms of electronic communication. 1,308 more words


Social Media As A Writer's Aid

For its second year, 2014, the winner of Wattpad’s Write Awards is ‘Heir to the Sundered Crown (The Sundered Crown Saga Book 1)’ by Matthew Olney. 595 more words

Alton Chapter

Use of Social Media: Defines my Generation

Social networking is the defining characteristic of my generation. Previous age groups were defined by factors such as their parents’ post-war procreation rates or their own collective inclinations for tie-dye and peace signs, but ours is definitely latched with social media. 358 more words

Social Media

Today's News as a Source for Wild Writer Prompts?

A nice thing for writers of the arcane about today’s internet is that there are so many of these gems available at the click of a mouse! 25 more words

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Ever Wondered Why Writers Blog?

For those authors who don’t yet see any point in blogs or worry that posting online will portray them to others as self-absorbed, even narcissistic, this reasoned confession of her logic for blogging by a New York University professor may help explain some of the motivation that propels we committed bloggers who are also writers to continue to post: 279 more words

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