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Amiable -- to describe a house?

Sometimes, I think people use word they think is right but it isn’t.  It may be close but not exactly the word to express the right message. 99 more words

Use The Right Words

Tessalation -- you have seen it before

Tessellation is a new word for me.

I heard it at a middle school of all things. The students had an evening where they displayed art, science, math and engineering projects from their efforts this year. 150 more words

Use The Right Words

Use the right term

While reading things on the internet, I have discovered some word oddities.  Actually, by odd, I mean they are using the wrong words.  In the two cases I will cite here, they used actual words that sound like the word they wanted. 114 more words

Use The Right Words

Nut graph What the heck?

What is a nut graph?

Not too long ago, I received an email from my editor about a newspaper article I wrote.  He referenced the nut graph that needed some work. 108 more words

Use The Right Words

Moldering -- not smoldering

Moldering is another word I have never used or heard of until recently. Just as my prior post on oddment, it comes from an essay submission by someone in my writers’ critique group. 33 more words

Use The Right Words