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My New Storage Box for the Chicken Coop

We had a chipmunk and mouse problem in the garage this past year. It started when a chipmunk chewed its way into the one plastic garbage can I had used to store cob corn and scratch grains. 369 more words


Editorial in Green Lifestyle Mag

Buildstore.com.au has been lucky enough to have a feature in the current issue of Green Lifestyle Mag.

This feature is an interview by Caitlin Howlett and talks about the idea behind buildstore.com.au and how it can help you. 46 more words

Winter Materials Storage

I didn’t want to admit it at first, but sure enough, the winter came and snowed on my parade before I had a chance to establish a weather-proof beginning to the house, so… voila- a home-built geodesic dome to the rescue!¬† 111 more words

"used Building Materials"

Re-used Wine barrel

I got a wine barrel from Jeremy Smith a while ago and finally got around to making holiday gifts with the pieces of the barrel. I can also make these into Menorahs or drill them out to fit more candles and candles of different or various sizes depending on what you want. 15 more words

A bathroom remodeled

We remodeled our bathroom using left-over cypress that I got from Dr. Schuttie, who in a classic small town Missoula twist of fate story etc., ended up performing knee surgery on me this fall. 46 more words

What the IRS Requires to Donate Your House

What You Need to Know to Donate Used

Building Materials!

If you are considering buying a piece of real estate and have plans to either tear it down or complete a major renovation you might consider donating the usable building materials to charity. 755 more words


Panther Pond deconstruction

August has flown by! This project yeilded much good stuff. The pine sheething was a great surprise and fun to tickle off the walls. 32 more words