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The Lament of a Used Gamer

Once upon a time, I sat on the edge of my seat watching TV commercials for Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. I squealed with glee as the music and characters danced across the screen. 448 more words

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Your GameStop Said New Copies Of That Game You Want Are Out Of Stock… Are They?

As Wells Fargo rather spectacularly demonstrated in recent months, putting too much pressure on employees to notch up a certain kind of sale can lead to a perverse incentive: Employees who need to keep their jobs may try increasingly underhanded things just to meet an impossible metric. 778 more words

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Bad Gift Giver


A long time ago I wasn’t very good at giving gifts. ( I hope I have gotten better, family and friends). I thought it would be a wonderful idea to give all my old games that I didn’t play with any more, the ones that my siblings had seen and played with too, to wrap those games and put them under the tree for Christmas. 45 more words


Ramblings on Used Games and Supporting Developers

I know, the discussion on buying used games is an old and exhausted one.
It would seem that every games blogger worth their weight in gold coins has covered it, so why should I even bother? 748 more words

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