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Ramblings on Used Games and Supporting Developers

I know, the discussion on buying used games isĀ an old and exhausted one.
It would seem that every games blogger worth their weight in gold coins has covered it, so why should I even bother? 748 more words

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Used Game

Video games grew out of the computer age. String your code together correctly, and you have something that millions of people will enjoy for hours. As this industry has grown we have seen video games become a powerful economic force, but there is an ongoing debate within the industry. 463 more words


Simulation Vs. Arcade

Hello again I am back, dad is in the hospital and I had to take a day off from the blog. He is doing much better, let’s get on with the games! 173 more words

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Download Only?

One major area of concern with the modern gaming scene is the end of the physical copy. A case with artwork, with disk and manual inside, has been the norm for many years. 199 more words

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Launch Titles!

With the upcoming release of the (name pending) Nintendo NX, it’s time to talk about the games that release when a console debuts: the launch titles! 148 more words

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A Thrift Store Find! (For Once)

A PlayStation 2 Steering wheel, in a beat up box, but otherwise in great condition! In an Ohio thrift store! For three dollars! It’s complete and works! 93 more words

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Bad At It?

Are there any game genres out there that you would love to be good at, but just can’t gain any ground on? For me it’s the rhythm/music games, I have no skills. 82 more words

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