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The Cost of GameStop, Part 1: How Badly Are You “Screwed” When You Trade In a Game?

This is the first part in a multi-part analysis on the used game market and how it impacts the average gamer. It is is the result of a multi-year analysis of hundreds of thousands of price points over the past decade plus. 1,210 more words


A Little Bit On Secondhand PC Game Keys

A story that’s going around a little bit right now centers on some stores that focus on reselling activation keys for some PC games without any of the money going back to developers. 620 more words



I’m not even going to pretend that this isn’t a single-malt diatribe.

I unequivocally hate used games.

Places like EB Games (Gamestop) are the bane of the existence of the gaming industry. 667 more words


A New Way to Sell Used Games

Much gamer rage was built up back when the current generation consoles were prepped for release. As the dawn of a new generation was building Microsoft aimed to address the booming Used Games market by presenting their alternative. 1,215 more words


99Gamers Review

I have a decent amount of games that I don’t care to have in my collection and have been looking for ways to offload them. I have been selling on Amazon and putting that money towards games that I want. 512 more words


DLC, pre-owned games and the anti-consumer behaviour of the games industry

So I haven’t written anything in forever now. I’m going to babble a little bit about my views on how the games industry is currently working. 663 more words

Nate Fury

GameStop CFO Says Company Will Weather Walmart, But Hints At Continued Store Closures

There are currently around 6,000 GameStop locations, meaning most people don’t have to drive very far to trade in a used game. But how will the company weather the two storm fronts of increased competition from major retailers and the shift toward digital downloads of games? 448 more words