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Knowledge is Power Only If It Were Used

It’s generally accepted that knowledge is power. But is it, really? What if you knew something, but did nothing with it? Did you wield any more power than someone who did nothing because they didn’t know what you knew? 193 more words


Space for used books

Flow Books, Hong Kong, in 2017

When most people travel, they head to tourist attractions and stores selling branded goods, delicious food and other local products; I mostly look for artists-run spaces, museums, bookstores, cafes, markets and nature. 681 more words


Used to It.

Does it really get better, or do we just get used to it?

Some say, ‘The Love you get is The Love you give’,

but I wonder what happened for those who have pure heart & know nothing about love, yet they are being toyed, used, & even betrayed in their first love.

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The Ins and Outs of Facebook Marketplace

In June, I finally dove into the world of Facebook Marketplace (FBM)! My siblings had luck finding furniture on there, which encouraged me to try selling clothes I no longer wanted. 1,012 more words