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Brexit remains mired in political incompetence

After my recent visit to The State University of Moscow I return to find Brexit still mired in a morass of political incompetence.

Theresa Villiers as Northern Ireland Secretary in the run up to the referendum insisted nothing would change after a Brexit.  236 more words

Me Made May

Now that the month is nearly over, let’s talk about ‘Me Made May’.

The idea is to encourage people to wear their handmade wardrobes proudly.  Turns out, I’m good in that department. 396 more words


Democratic Socialism: Defined.

Let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves.  Democracy and Socialism are antithetical to one another.  Socialism is Fascism and Communism.  Democracy is a meritocracy of reason and logic, a diversity of opinion.  168 more words

Thanks, Tucker Carlson; I'm trying Chick-fil-A

If the article in the New Yorker Magazine was meant to turn people off to Chick-fil-A, it only made me, a veteran New Yorker, that much more intrigued. 781 more words

New Yorker Magazine underestimates and offends American public

The New Yorker Magazine has a history of using the term “useful idiot” to label anyone who dissents from their bias local and worldview.

Just search for “Useful Idiot” and “New Yorker Magazine” and numerous articles come up, including one that used the term in connection to then presidential candidate Donald Trump.  254 more words

Hypnotic, Russian Collusion, Narrative.

If you still believe in Russian Collusion and you don’t know what the “Hypnotic Narrative” is, you are a Useful Idiot. 

Time to Choose Sides

We are at a critical point in our democracy.  The systematic undermining of our elections can no longer be questioned by anyone … not even the idiot in chief. 39 more words