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By C. Michael Forsyth

You don’t have to be some university egghead who discovers the next “God particle” to make a contribution to society. You can be just as useful as an idiot. 544 more words

How To Be A Useful Idiot - The Practice

Now that we went through the theory of useful idiocy, it’s time to put it into practice. Here is a useful manual that illustrates the best practice of this ancient profession. 1,837 more words


How To Be A Useful Idiot - And Not Get Paid For It

There are many ways you can become a useful idiot, an active defender of the interest of some autocrat, who would – to put it mildly – … 1,391 more words


The Washington Post: Useful-Idiot Shills for a Failed, Frantic Status Quo That Has Lost Control of the Narrative

Source: OfTwoMinds blog, by Charles Hugh-Smith

Don’t you think it fair and reasonable that anyone accusing me of being a shill for Russian propaganda ought to read my ten books in their entirety and identify the sections that support their slanderous accusation? 420 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

I Was Wondering When You'd Start Blaming Sanders (A response to Gil Troy)

The title probably says it all, doesn’t it?  I was genuinely wondering when they were going to get around to making Bernie Sanders out to be the person who ruined the election for Hillary Clinton.  1,402 more words


Who is Donald Trump?

Who is Donald Trump and what kind of President will he be?  Do we have a “useful idiot”, a racist, sexist, a narcissist or sociopath, as President Elect?  469 more words