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Everything you need to know about ECO-SOL MAX 3 Ink

You have probably heard about the release of the new ECO-SOL Max 3 ink.

Do you own a Roland printer? If so, you are probably thinking will this effect my business and how will it benefit me? 231 more words

Roland Dg

"JR Liggett" Shampoo Bar Review

Hello,everyone! Today, I will share a review about JR Liggett! I found this review from other’s Blog! I hope you can get useful information from the review! 642 more words

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Latest AHB Report

I have received the latest Africanized Honey Bee (ABH) report from the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists (CAPA). There is some scientific lingo included in the report which I can clarify if you have any questions.

2015 AHB Report Zayed

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Whiffs from cyanobacteria likely responsible for Earth's oxygen

Earth’s oxygen-rich atmosphere emerged in whiffs from a kind
of cyanobacteria in shallow oceans around 2.5 billion years ago, according to
new research from Canadian and US scientists. 498 more words

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Tiny protein 'compasses' found in fruit flies - and potentially humans

Tiny biological compasses made from clumps of protein may
help scores of animals, and potentially even humans, to find their way around,
researchers say.

Scientists discovered the minuscule magnetic field sensors… 631 more words

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Shop from CJ!

Hello, everyone! I provide JR Liggett’s sales links from CJ! 

I put those sales links on here because I mention this brand in my Blog! And this brand is really good for… 934 more words

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