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How Early Should You Start Planning Your Destination Wedding

Destinations weddings have become one of the most coveted trend for Indian couples. Destination weddings are more of a private affair as compared to the traditional Indian wedding. 501 more words

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Ancient air pockets changing the history of Earth’s oxygen

Ancient air trapped in rock salt for 813 million years is
changing the timeline of atmospheric changes and life on Earth.

Defining past atmospheric compositions is an important yet… 343 more words

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As we age, one of the things we worry about is being steady on our feet, feeling secure  enough to take those outside walk with friends, do the things we used to without the fear of falling, having the balance needed to perform the day to day tasks. 330 more words

Free Fall

Saving Melon and Watermelon Seeds

Melons (muskmelons,honeydews, etc.) and watermelons are two different species and will not cross-pollinate with each other. But, the various varieties of melons will cross-pollinate with each other just as different varieties of watermelon will cross-pollinate with each other. 265 more words

Pass the Bread! Why Low-Carb Diets Are Not the Answer and What You Should Be Doing Instead

Low-carb diets are a trend that just won’t seem to disappear. For some people low-carb diets seem to work. At least for a while. Diets that drastically cut down on carbohydrates are meant to completely shift the way in which our bodies create energy. 543 more words

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On this day in science history: Mount Vesuvius erupted

In 79, the long-dormant Mount Vesuvius erupted in Italy, burying the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in volcanic ash. An estimated 20,000 people died. When discovered, the sites became astonishing archaeological time capsules. 849 more words

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Where To Get Your Cholesterol Tested

Just to warn you, this blog post is seriously dull, but I wanted to share this information as it wasn’t that easy to find on the internet. 605 more words

High Cholesterol