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I love cheese.  Like seriously it might be part of my cellular make up.  Of course, I know that pregnant women can’t eat soft cheeses (unless they are pasteurized), but the question that I had for Google (after a minor freak out after a blue cheese packed lunch) was when should I stop eating unpasteurized cheese?  366 more words

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Manuka Medi-Honey

With the growing bacterial resistance to antibiotics, Manuka honey from New Zealand and Australia is finding unique uses in medicine. These two videos show the production and uses of manuka, as well as some of the problems faced by the beekeepers; 18 more words

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Supplemental Repertoire

Some students enjoy having extra songs to play.  Here is a selection of books that are at the appropriate level for our class. As your child learns to read more notes on the staff they will be able play more of the songs in the books. 169 more words

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Go Green Week!

So this week is Go Green Week! We’ve already had everything from a Post-code coffee morning, Make a green Chinese New Year’s resolution, the Big bike sale and Dr. 151 more words

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On this day in history – an atom of the element 112 was created

In 1996, only a little more than a year after they created
element 111, a team of German scientists led by Peter Armbruster at the… 702 more words

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Define and provide a real example of Business Process Reengineering

Business Process reengineering (BPR) is a more radical approach to improvement than total quality management (TQM). Instead of tweaking the existing system in a series of incremental improvements, in process reengineering a business process is diagramed in detail, questioned, and then completely redesigned to eliminate unnecessary steps, to reduce opportunities for errors, and to reduce costs. 507 more words

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