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Pydio - file sharing and teamwork program

A rather convenient PHP-based system for sharing your files and collaborating with your colleagues and clients.

Formerly known as AjaXplorer, now called Pydio. Community version available for free here.


Recommended app for keeping a researcher's diary

Although I have always preferred to make notes longhand (sometimes before typing them onto computer), when working on my PhD, at one point I began to realise that this time this could be a problem.   541 more words

Useful Software

Muốn tăng âm hiệu qủa thật sự cho máy tính? lớn gấp 5 lần nghe vẫn chuẩn.

MenOneX giới thiệu đến người dùng máy tính ,laptop , không cần mua thêm loa phụ hoặc bất điều gì, phần mềm ứng dụng “Sound Booster” 410 more words

Helpful Software: MakeMKV

Hey everyone!

As I continue slowly working on my GameCube Media Centers, I thought I’d continue my series on helpful software. This is software I’ve found useful for one reason or another that you may find useful too. 122 more words

Useful Software

Helpful Software: Ember Media Manager

Hey everyone,

When it comes to the movies on my NES media center, I’m very particular: everything from fan-art, to box art, to title/sort title has to be hand-picked by me. 218 more words

Useful Software

World 1-4 (part 2): How to install multiple OS's on RPi

Hey everyone,

Yesterday we walked through how to install multiple Operating Systems on a Raspberry Pi. While that’s an easy and basic way of installing multiple Operating Systems at once, I actually prefer a way slightly more round-a-bout. 825 more words


World 1-3: How to Install an OS on a Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone,

Continuing from where we left off yesterday, today I am going to explain how to easily install a (single) Operating System onto a Raspberry Pi. 511 more words