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When studying law, understanding the terms that you use and how to use them is important. This is because a level of precision regarding language is needed within legal studies. 239 more words


Guide to travelling Japan on the cheap

Note: more in-depth guides to cities I visited will be posted soon!


Japan is always touted as one of the most expensive places to travel to, while this is true, it’s basically on the same level as Western Europe. 1,354 more words

Cheap Travel

Mental Health LInks

Mental health links from The Prevention Coalition

I was recently contacted by The Prevention Coalition with suggestions of mental health links for people looking for information on specific issues. 166 more words

Mental Health Issues

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If you are struggling to find information on Westlaw because your search is turning up too many results, try using the Westlaw subject hierarchy. 42 more words


5 useful websites in order to reach your destination!

Lao Tzu said once “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. And in order to begin your journey, you need transportation. Here are some useful websites that will help you to reach your final destination. 355 more words

Travel Tips

6 accommodation websites that every traveler must know!

Backpacker or not, we all need some comfort during our trip. When I was 18 yo, me and my friends were planning to do a Eurotrip (inspired by the movie “Eurotrip”). 467 more words

Travel Tips

Website of the Week: tlk.io


Last week I had a wee catastrophe.  There’s something typically Scottish about that expression.  We can be a very negative race, but occasionally remarkably unaffected by things that may induce panic in others. 486 more words