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10 most amazing websites to get rid of boredom

1. Crossfade.io

Crossfade.io allows users to mix and match Videos with different other audio sources. Add the source URLs of Audio and Video to mash and mix them together using this web tool. 397 more words


Spontaneous interventions “design actions for the common good”

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This site contains and organizes several interventions designed by architects but also  made by citizens in a self-made way. 6 more words



This site is a fantastic think tank about Public spaces projects and news, very useful!

From site “About”:

“PPS was founded in 1975 to expand on the work of William (Holly) Whyte, author of The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces. 42 more words


Update your market

Hopefully, all market leaders know that the USDA directory is the go-to list for farmers markets for those within the department, for market advocates and for researchers and funders. 538 more words

Farmers Markets

The Top Mobile Websites in your Country

This is a list the 10 most popular mobile websites (in terms of unique visitors) in different countries according to Opera.

Important Websites

Discovering Literature - archive of 20th century writers

We recently shared with you some great online resources for Shakespeare and now the same site by the British Library has launched another great archive. Over 300 literary treasures relating to 20th century writers have been made available online for the first time, including literary drafts, rare first editions, notebooks, letters, diaries, newspapers and photographs from Virginia Woolf, Ted Hughes, Angela Carter and Hanif Kureishi among others. 175 more words

A few facts from our trip


  • Fuel is sold by the American gallon which is equal to 3.78541 litres
  • We found that frequently it was cheaper to pay by cash/debit card than credit card …
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