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Adjusted R^2 adjusts for:

the loss of degrees of freedom when additional independents variables are added to a regression.

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If the (Engle-Granger) Dickey-Fuller test rejects the null hypothesis that the error term has a unit root then the conclusion is:

that the error term in the regression is covariance stationary. Therefore the two time series are cointegrated.

The parameters and standard errors from linear regression will be consistent and will allow testing of the hypotheses about the long-term relationships between the two series.

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#BYOD4L curating .. or not

Well today was Day three and the curating theme but I’m afraid stuff has got in the way for me today and I have been juggling lots of plates so I haven’t been able to do much of #byod4l today but I shall definitely be having a good look at the storify and catching up with all the goings on asap…. 44 more words


#BYOD4L Communicating and Reflecting

Day Two of the #BYOD4L was all about Communicating. We had a fab tweet chat last night as you can see from Sheila MacNeill‘s… 140 more words


Wednesday 18th January 2017: Day 3 of #BYOD4L and the theme today is curating

Dear friends,

Already Day 3? We really enjoy learning with you all and have started making some interesting discoveries together. Many of you are becoming more confident in experimenting, communicating and  sharing openly your thoughts as well as sharing your proven practice. 267 more words

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Day 3 of #BYOD4L - Curating ...

studyquill: this is the first printable i’ve ever designed, so...


this is the first printable i’ve ever designed, so please forgive me if this isn’t the best! i tried to keep it clean and minimal so it’s easy on your printer. 

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Reclaiming Writing*, or the Art of Thinking

* that’s definitely alliteration, right? Definitely…

As this blog has shown you, and will continue to show you, writing – for me and for many others – is a difficult, often elusive thing. 565 more words