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Daiso: Things You Never Knew You Needed or Existed

Felt like something was missing in your life? Wished that someone would invent a tool that could save time and effort? Something for only $2 or RM5.90? 1,122 more words

Bargain For Money

Life-hack for my mind

I accidentally stumbled upon the phrase bullet journaling a couple of months ago and it was a life saver for me! Because I am very forgetful, my mind rejects the idea of regular schedules, and I am, in many senses of the word, very unhealthy, I have been struggling with keeping my life organized for my entire adult life. 289 more words


Five things for a happier you.

There is no list of happiness.  If there was, someone would copyright it and hold it for ransom.  We are all different so what works for one person will not necessarily work for another.   36 more words


Tip: Feeding quantities

I’ve always worried about whether the girls were eating enough for their weight. So for those of you looking to this, we eventually found the answer to the question (confirmed by our pediatricians). 69 more words


Lancaster County Treasurer - Request a Vehicle Quote

If you are requesting an estimate on the cost to register your vehicle, please make sure that you enter your home address and the vehicle information fields. 65 more words

Lincoln Nebraska

Life-long learning...

I love to learn new stuffs and I believe whatever we learn is not only meant for us. It can benefit to other beings. I hope I can be useful to others and do my best to relieve suffering and bring happiness to others. 226 more words


Five things that I have learned about Meditation.

There are few things as mentally refreshing as meditation.   There is something inherently cleansing about just “being” for a few minutes out of the day.  Don’t roll your eyes like that, think of it as a warm reboot for your mental computer when those apps start closing for no reason. 476 more words