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Class Dojo: Sharing with your Host Family in a secure and interactive way.

As many of you, I was the first Au Pair in my Host Family. It’s a new experience for both parts:

  • For the Host Family, getting used to me, a new person in their lives.
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AirPods make for a surprisingly useful iPhone stand

(Source: www.theverge.com)

Did you know that the charging case Apple ships with its AirPods makes for a surprisingly useful iPhone stand? Well, it does. The trick was revealed on Twitter by… 129 more words


New wealth formula

Net wealth = Net worth from traditional balance sheet + (Present value of future earnings + Present value of unvested pension benefits) – (Present value of consumption goals + Present value of bequests)


Guaranteed Insurability

Clause which allows the owner to purchase more insurance in the future at certain predefined intervals.


waiver-of-premium rider

Specifies that premiums need not be paid if the insured becomes disabled.


Non-forfeiture Clause

The policy owner has the option to receive some portion of the benefits if premium payments are missed.


Financial Stages of Life

  • Education Phrase
  • Early career
  • Career development
  • Peak accumulation
  • Pre-retirement
  • Early retirment
  • Late retiremen