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Bounded Rationality

People do not possess perfect information in order which to make every decision.

Heuristics (Rules of Thumb) are used to make an acceptable decision given imperfect information, limited time, and other tasks which generate more utility. 6 more words


The Permanent Income Hypothesis

  • People will spend money at a level consistent with their expected long term average income.
  • Expected income becomes a level of “permanent” income.
  • A worker will save only if current income is higher than anticipated level of permanent income.
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Summary of the Advertise-to-draw-liquidity trading strategy

  • By advertising you get enough people to take the opposite side of the trade
  • High cost
  • May get market price for large trade
  • Other investors may front-run

Thing 02: Case for headphone A/B switch

I use a monitor with two input sources, but the monitor only switches video, not audio. I got tired of plugging my headphones back and forth and bought a cheap 3.5mm A/B audio switch on eBay. 604 more words


For us...

Some of us, we might think that this tree is dying, it can’t contribute much to the nature. When I pass by the tree, I can see a lot of birds were hanging on the trees to rest and this tree is their home. 130 more words